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    Herefordshire/Gloucestershire/Monmouthshire peeps read and pass on.

    The latest I have heard is we are to keep a sharp eye on things and if necessary keep horses in.
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    Real News: Release from the Police

    Or one incident spreading and being turned around.what i feel sorry for are the people unwittingly involved in this. I hacked over to my mates today and a photographer (who we all know and see regularly) was taking photographs of her horses and the view behind them for his college work) Some...
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    Number of horse stolen from...

    I cant get over til tomorrow now, I just hope our guard dogs do their jobs.
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    Number of horse stolen from...

    I do wish people would stop these hoaxes. Its incredibly hard to work out which is true and which isnt.
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    Real News: Release from the Police

    Its a scary scary thought. i recieved a message yesterday and having just moved my horse voer to the roadside fields overnight (to prevent lammy returning), I'm becoming increasingly paranoid!
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    I cant believe silenceis on the waitlist, yet Ot has 4 horses in...yes 4! and 1 in the waitlist. Cant they move Silence up? He's a poss for Olypics too isnt he?
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    Strange lump on chin

    I was wondering could it be a hornet sting? i didnt put any fly repellent on when i turned him out at the weekend so i was wondering if it could be something like that.
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    Strange lump on chin

    21. Had him since he was 9 so nearly 13 years now. Had his teeth rasped and checked November I think it was
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    Strange lump on chin

    heya wondering if anyone can help. I went to check my little shetland earlier and he appeared to have a lump under his chin just about on the bone. It was the size of a small marble and it has come up in the last 2 days. There is no heat and the skin over the lump is fine if a little bit thin...
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    Strangles theres a lot about

    Does anyone know if it is the in the Essex area? I hyeard a rumour it was...talking about the South Essex side...
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    what xc colours do you think would look good on this horse?

    A purple with a darker/lighter colour. Depends on your shade of purple. Ot but i bought my new colours yest, they are green and white and my others are cornish so goldey yellow and black...
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    help needed

    im looking to make a picture of the NZ and AUS team members at WEG last year. problem is i am having trouble finding some pics So far I have Clayton Fredericks, Andrew Nicholson (although if someone could find a better one it would be great), Andrew Hoy. if anyone can help you will be stars...
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    where did we come in the end?
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    Bramham results so far...

    heeeey andrew nicholson is in the lead after dressage....Am I reading right?!?! So gutted I couldnt be there this year. Stupid exams
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    Andrew Nicholson

    John his brother is the spitting image of him!!