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    are you meant to buy loose ring bits in a slightly larger size?

    Yes, just 1/4" bigger. People who use the same size often find that they need to use bit guards.
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    What would be cheaper Re. Diesel? 4x4 or lorry?

    For me the cheaper option was the horsebox and the small car, but I had to take into account that the 4x4 would be my only vehicle - so my run around! My Renault Master is on a 2003 chasis and has only needed front brake discs since I bought it. This type of vehicle also just has a commercial...
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    Rottweilers Kill Horse - Lancs

    Unfortunately, there are many instances of dogs attacking horses unprovoked. In the wild, canines hunt in packs and they do bring down prey much bigger than themselves. Sometimes domesticated dogs revert to old, deep seated instincts. There really doesn't have to have been a human involved in...
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    US members: Is Badminton Horse Trials screened on TIVO?

    I go on holiday to Florida on Saturday 3rd and I'd love to be able to still catch some of the coverage of Badminton over the weekend. By Sunday, I will be in a house with TIVO. Does anyone know if any of the US channels are covering it?
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    Advice please re novice hacking out alone.

    Speaking from unpleasent experience, I agree with YorkshireLass. You really should be confident in walk, trot and canter as you can never be sure that you will not have to ride them. Hacking alone makes completely different demands on a horse than hacking in the company of another horse or...
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    Anyone got the Dressage introductory A 2008 test.....

    Its copyright protected like all British Dressage tests. You can buy it cheaply from the BD website.
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    Nerves when Trying a Horse

    [ QUOTE ] Also if it helps find a confident friend who would be willing to come with you and get on it first. This way you can see what it is like with someone that you know how they well they ride compared to them and also what it is like with a stranger on its back. [/ QUOTE ] I agree with...
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    Competing barefoot on grass?

    My mare has been barefoot for a couple of years and this year one of the centres I plan to compete at (dressage) runs some classes on grass. I'm aware that people with shod horses tend to use studs on grass and I'm also aware that the bare hoof is said to have better traction anyway. I worry...
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    Freezemarking- Which Company?

    Farmkey did mine. I would be happy to use them again. It was all very efficient and the technician was very good. a lot depends on the technician covering your area. I have heard of a few dodgy experiences in different areas with!
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    Have you ever offered money for a horse?

    I haven't, but I would be happy to do it. Someone once said that this had happened to her and that she was very offended. I told her that IMO, its a compliment. I'd never sell my mare, but I like it when she is admired and if someone offered me money for her, I just consider that putting their...
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    BD Intro Test

    Its copyright like the other BD tests. I think its now available on dressage diagrams, but its certainly available in the 'shop' on the BD site. Its a nice test. Interestingly, it has 10 metre half circles in working trot when then haven't previously appeared before Novice So not a test for...
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    Is your horse your life?

    My kids have grown-up and left home (phew!) and a lot of OHs time is taken up with football. I think it must be very difficult and different with small children. My youngest was 19 when I started riding! As for where I am up to with my mare - I dropped one day a week at work, so I could spend...
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    Petition re: Fees for Vets Prescriptions

    Having discussed this on another forum too, I am beginning to be persuaded of the other side of the argument. I am now busy wobbling on the fence as we speak
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    Really upset - just watched someone thrashing a horse

    [ QUOTE ] Perhaps offer to show them how to get him going without the necessary whipping might work? If there was an instructor teaching have a word afterwards and explain he doesn't need that much additional help. So sad, if none of the above works tell his owner, she I'm sure wouldn't allow...
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    Petition re: Fees for Vets Prescriptions

    [ QUOTE ] i'm all for charging - it takes me ages to write a prescription. why should i do it for free? it's not even me who gets the money as I'm just a lowly assistant - i just dont see why i should do it for free? we already do insurance forms for free (although not all vets do) and we...