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    What's in your first aid please?

    The only thing I would add to the items already mentioned is Filtabac - excellent cream for minor cuts and grazes (applied once cleaned with hibiscrub or similar), and it stays on well as a barrier against water, mud and flies. I wouldn't be without it.
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    Am I too big?

    Do you know your horse's weight? A rider should weigh no more than 15-18% of the horse, so that is the guide to go by.
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    Equestrian Influencers

    I don't really look at that many (will get some ideas from here though) and prefer the educators to the influencers. I like Miri Hackett - her approach to training is spot on and interesting, she adores her horses and is honest. I can't bear Ray the Goth - promoting obesity, cringe tik toks...
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    How do you choose companies to spend your money with?

    The trouble is, this is business and there is nothing to stop LM from doing it. Other companies such as Shires and Weatherbeeta have ripped off their matchy matchy idea with new colours and matching boots & fly veils coming out each season, but nobody said anything then. The LM ones (and Anky...
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    L-Tryptophan calmers, thoughts?

    I have never heard that before and would have thought that the action of neurotransmitters (eg serotonin) would be similar in all mammals, so humans and horses. I used to use Super So Kalm which contains L-Tryptophan on my sharp warmblood and it definitely helped him, when straight magnesium...
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    Horse 'bellowing' at people/livestock when hacking

    Mine has only done it a handful of times, when he is super excited / nervous about something. His body goes really tense and his tail goes up as well, it's a bit unnerving! There is always a reason for it though, he did it the other day when I was leading him in from the field and he noticed a...
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    Full livery, including exercise?

    I worked at a yard in London a few years ago which provided full livery with exercise as standard, all horses were exercised 6 days a week either by the owner or staff, and we would school / hack / lunge / have the odd staff lesson depending on what the owner wanted. There was no reduction in...
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    Minor Irritations

    It really irritates me when people do things with their horses in a rush, for the benefit of their schedule rather than their horse - I mean picking feet out / changing rugs etc when the horse is eating and things like that, just leave them alone! Rushing horses around often leads to bad manners...
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    Turnout rugs with belly flap

    Thank you all! I think rug weather is nearly upon us and my horse's paddock is already muddy (that's another thread, buying mud mats this year) so I'll look into all those options. I've always rated weatherbeeta but haven't bought a new one for a while, shame that some of you think the quality...
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    Turnout rugs with belly flap

    What size are you looking for? 6'6' - thanks!
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    Turnout rugs with belly flap

    Thank you all for the replies :) @OldNag those rugs look great! Generously cut and reasonably priced too, I'll definitely think about getting one to try. @Meredith - what is the brand of your cotton sheet with a belly flap? I don't think I've seen one of those either but that would be a good...
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    Turnout rugs with belly flap

    Hi - I'm thinking about winter rugging and would love to find a turnout rug with a belly flap, like on most fly rugs, as I think this would be warmer and my horse wouldn't get so muddy! Do they exist anywhere? Thanks, Tash x
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    Anyone own or used EquiRelease?

    I don't have one and to be honest I would never use one of those on my horses. They are too harsh and it would be more likely to cause damage than make the horse feel better - after seeing these on social media I was discussing them with my horse's massage therapist and she said that they were...
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    Best vegetarian joint supplement

    Another supplement to consider is Epiitalis 4Cyte, which is plant based according to this: It isn't cheap but it does work, it was the only one my vet recommended after my horse had surgery on his stifles.
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    Lame horse

    I think you need to call your vet back to see him and possibly x ray. It can take a long time for bruising or an abscess (did anything come out onto the poultice?) to heal and it is good that your horse has improved, but I think he needs to see the vet to ensure you are on the right track with...