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    Daft question - numnah for a VSD saddle

    I also used WH pads...
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    First time viewing

    Are you taking someone with you? Have a really good look at it for lumps, bumps, or anything that looks odd. Ask to see it trotted up. Do not get on unless you have seen it ridden by someone else first first. Do not get on if you have any doubts at all after having seen it ridden. Ask about...
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    I feel like there would be a market for more expensive DIY? What would you pay?

    There's certainly a market, but it's a small one, and you might find those willing to pay more for the right yard all have slightly different interpretations of "right"! Good hacking and turnout are usually going to mean you aren't very close to a big city, and in smaller towns and rural areas...
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    Viewing this horse...cost...!

    This is a great decision. Ride as many different horses as you can, and you will be far better able to assess whether a horse suits you when you are in the right place to start viewings.
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    Viewing this horse...cost...!

    Newtothegeegees, what is your budget for a horse? If you can afford £5k for a first horse, that's great - but you will get more for your money (and probably a better fit) if you buy a riding club type of no particular breeding. You will be paying for the "Spanish" label (even unpapered) and that...
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    Walking 100 miles a month with horse

    What complete nonsense. It's a month long challenge, but you do it in 14 days. It's 100 miles (that would take an hour a day) but actually you can just do groundwork and it's suitable even if you're pushed for time. And best of all, it will "save you up to three lifetimes" - er, What?! I agree...
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    Whips horse

    The single most important thing you can do right now is to ask your instructor to a) keep an ear out for you, b) look at adverts (especially as there's a chance they will know local horses), and c) come with you to viewings and ride the horse before you do. You should pay them for this (or at...
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    Adverts selling stuff on FB.

    It's laziness / lack of time. It's also an awareness that most horse people shopping on Facebook will be looking for total bargains; it's extremely demoralizing crafting a decent post and getting lots of "would you accept this very cheeky offer?" replies. I am trying to muster the enthusiasm to...
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    Lesson ideas for adult beginner

    Gosh, that's impressive, when you think how many riders can't manage sitting trot even after years of practice! Your husband is clearly cut out for Western😊
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    Lesson ideas for adult beginner

    Some of the games that are useful for kids are just as good for adults. Walking or trotting around a "course" of poles scattered on the ground is fun because they can try for a better "score": how many can you steer over in 60 seconds? Things like bending also help with steering and confidence...
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    Golden paste - how to get into cat?

    Try mixing it with butter and putting tiny flecks of the cold butter onto normal food. One of mine will eat it like that... sometimes. But as Auslander says, if it is distressing trying to get it into her, perhaps best not to try. Not many cats will wear being wrapped/syringed more than one day...
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    Cantering a v green pony

    Agree with teddypops - lots of hacking and build it up slowly and naturally over time. The "strong" you're feeling is more likely to be lack of balance and falling on his head. I'd find a nice gentle uphill, and just let the canter come naturally a few times. He'll find it hard in a school and...
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    When to throw in the towel

    Turning away should help with the ulcers as well. I'd certainly be giving him a year off at this point, and you can always revisit if he looks as though he has improved.
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    To hack or not to hack

    Yes, the horse needs to hack - for soundness, and for mental health. If you aren't yet confident to hack him, find a sharer who would hack him for you, and in the meantime ride out with sensible people at the yard so you can build your confidence. How often do you have lessons? How many other...
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    Sharers- oh not to need them

    If you felt the share was too cheap before, It's not the family's fault - it was your choice to set the rate where it was. Coming into the winter - when sharing gets harder - is not, psychologically, the time to raise the rate. It's unfortunately not the cost of keeping your horse that...