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    Refusing to move in the school

    Having some time on bute for a while - could it be stomach ulcers/distress?
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    Feeds that might make a horse itchy?

    My boy was terribly itchy last summer and we never got to the bottom of the cause tbh.... I wormed him for pinworm - he tested negative but vets and I were at our wits end and wormed him anyway - apparently the tests can be hit and miss and they only tend to test positive with a very high...
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    Tell me about the horsey community in Surrey

    Hi all! Been a little while....I'm officially moving towards the end of June, and I've never really been involved in the horse world in Surrey before. I'm keen to look around for a part loan/share and consider buying another in a year or so (I'm getting broody for a youngster again, don't tell...
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    New yard

    I wouldn't consider any of the yards around Bexley personally. I would look out towards Sevenoaks, Eynsford... basically anywhere a bit further out. Have a search on here and there are a lot of yards listed, feel free to PM me for specifics about some of them as around a decade ago I was...
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    Pink Mash

    I absolutely loved it to start with and everyone I know who feeds it does too - however, it made my horse horribly itchy... changed feeds and the itching stopped. Never had an issue with other feeds including alfalfa but this for some reason just wasn't for him! It's a shame because it's...
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    Comfy numnah recommendations

    Sheepskin if they are proper sheepskin so won't compact down are great - BUT make sure you get your saddle fitted/re-fitted with them as they do alter the fit.
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    Need a cuddle and someone much braver than I to tell me what to expect/do

    Hello all, I've been a bit quiet on here as of late. This a lot of wordyness and I won't go into loads of detail so bear with me.... My beloved Connemara developed melanomas (rather, he had always had one or two since I bought him aged 4 (bloomin greys), but many more have developed this year...
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    Turnout boot recommendations?

    Pig oil might be your new best friend! Keeps my grey's legs cleaner in winter
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    Premier Equine

    I really love all my PE rugs. They are quite heavy but I've never had an issue with leaking - they've been very very waterproof for us!
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    Vits and Mins Supplements

    More specifically - the Dodson & Horrell general ones; has anyone used them before? We've just (nearly) finished our first tub of Equimins and it seems fine, I haven't noticed much difference tbh but I know a few of you on here have had big issues with their customer service/knowledge of their...
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    Best 0g summer turnout rug when wet ?

    Must be 1200D,600D are useless! I was only ever a Weatherbeeta buyer for 9+yrs however after my most recent purchase fell to pieces after very light use I requested my money back and went elsewhere. I got a Swish and have been very very very impressed!
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    East Sussex (and maybe Kent borders?)/ Tunbridge Wells commutable Livery

    Hi all, Having moved to the Southern outskirts of Tunbridge Wells I am thinking of moving my gelding a bit closer to join me (where we are now is fine but the commute isn't fab). I have enquired at one or two places but they are full, and I can't seem to find anywhere else with a livery yard...
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    I suspect ulcers...what can i try?

    Vet. Ulcers are only cured by medicine or removing what is causing them (eg pain)
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    Fly masks

    Shires or Le Mieux, no question.