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    Oliver Townend

    I had a lesson with him - group of 4 adults - and got loads out of it! He had has 'set lesson', but he worked with us all individually and even rode some of the horses. i would go again.
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    Two things i have learnt about Bassetts in 24hrs of owning one!

    Yes - selective hearing i missed off my list!! Now, what about the barking? He has a big bark for the size of him (as i'm aware they all do), but is it something that could be a problem? ie barking continually?? We had 1 session this afternoon (instigated by my cat at the catflap!) that stopped...
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    Two things i have learnt about Bassetts in 24hrs of owning one!

    Firstly, they don't do short walks - a 5 min stroll round the block takes 15mins as they sniff EVERYTHING! Secondly - they are such busy dogs - Bob seems on a mission whatever he is doing! Have i got them right or is it just mine??
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    Tack for 18hh horse?

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    Tack for 18hh horse?

    Try the Heritage range (Samuel Sharpe), they do a extra full size.
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    Newbie in the field

    Hi and welcome! I'm glad you have found a horse that you can enjoy, they all have special places in our hearts! I hope you enjoy the forum - and posting pics of your horse is a must!
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    Devastated - What am I going to do with him

    Its not a wingey post at all.I know how gutting these things can be, i have been enjoying a great horse all winter but unfortunately he is now feeling the hard ground and he is back in the field resting I hope things are looking up soon x
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    Humphries and Swain saddle - bargain!

    Fantastic bargain! One of the horses i ride has one, it is extremly comfy and lightweight. The owner is now going to get another for his other horse, and they get a great bargain as they take the horses direct to the Walsall factory.
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    Back on the road??

    Always makes me feel like a good mum when i have backs etc done! Ash had his teeth done today and was told he has the best teeth you could expect a horse of his age (19) - so feeling very smug! Not so sure the same will be saod about his back?!! Have fun on saturday - sure you will love getting...
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    Trailblazers Dressage 2nd Rounds

    Have you checked out Keysoe? Sure theirs is at the end of this month! Good luck!
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    Just to say thanks to all of you

    Its was sad to read of your loss - as it is to read of anybody losing their horse. Having the ability to help an animal when it needs us is the best thing about being an owner, even if having to pts is the kindest thing to do. We all do what is best for our furry friends, and you are no...
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    My Report!!

    WOW! Well done X
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    Bringing on a youngster

    Can't give you any advice - but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have your camera with you next time
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    Not bad for a Naughty Pone!!

    Well done - thats a very good result! I can inly dream of 66 % at elem. - in fact would just love to do a elem. test!
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    Moulton College Northamptonshire and British Dressage!!

    Ash lives near the church in moulton, although you may not have seen him at shows - he has been off for 7 months! I usually come along on a 17.2 dark bay (Joe).