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    Hugs for Ron Please!!

    HUGE hugs from us :( Hope he's okay in the morning, will keep my fingers crossed for you xx
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    Deep littering straw?

    Oh and I'd like to assure the previous poster that those banks are very sturdy indeed, although I appreciate perhaps don't look it from the photo. Marks on the wall in his stable were left over from previous racehorses who used the yard and aren't related to any non existent previous casting...
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    Deep littering straw?

    Sorry then guys, didn't know it wasn't considered a true deep litter! Said method was recommended to me by another livery and works really great for us after trying different beddings/systems :) Certainly the cheapest way I've found for us anyway. Each horse is different I guess and what works...
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    Deep littering straw?

    Deep litter, with full muck out saturday and a bit of 'top up' straw added on mondays, wednesdays and fridays. Baring in mind Ronnie is really wet and generally disgusting, deep littering is the only way to not waste a huge amount of bedding and also afford to give him a nice comfy bed...
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    Aaaaaaaaaaand so it continues . . .

    ^^ This. I'm quite luckily in that the other geldings in Ronnie's field are all good on their own and I expect Ron to behave himself when left alone too, i'd feel such a liability to other liveries if I knew they would have to bring him in. It's different though as we also have yard manager...
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    Anthrophomorphism - or do horses have some higher emotions?

    After some changes at the yard the field next to Ronnie's was left empty, until 2 new liveries arrived with 3 youngsters between them, one filly and two geldings. When they first arrived there was a bit of running up and down the fence but all settled and the boys from Ronnie's gelding field...
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    Overweight riders

    hahhahah :D
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    totally heartless :(

    It's a tricky one as it's so individual for each person. I'm very quiet about things when it comes to any death. When a very close family member died I did not cry/appear upset, and been the same with pets. It's just how I cope - The best way I can describe it is knowing something hugely...
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    Ahh what a cutie! I hope she settles into her new routine well and is obviously making friends quickly :) Have a great time with her this summer!
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    Getting legs clean...white legs!

    ^^^ Ditto all of the above, it works a treat and is far far cheaper than all the expensive show shampoos.
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    wierdest horse names youve come acroos!:)

    :D :D :D :D :D
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    She looks beautiful!! Shame about the journey, at least she got to you safe :)
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    I just have to tell you all about my dad!!!!!!

    Wow, Well done him!! :D (.. and you for teaching him to ride!)
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    for anyone that remembers Zoom the one-eyed polo pony

    Such a lovely post, congratulations! :D xx