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    Wood Pellet Deliveries

    We had a load of wood delivered, the guy pulled it on the tail lift and didn't get the brake on quick enough and had to jump off the tail lift, luckily the wood stayed on the tail lift it it could have been really nasty.
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    Long rant cos I'm properly annoyed!!

    School holidays............
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    has anyone paid for a horse whilst studying full time at uni?

    Me, I bought a 2 yr old.
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    Long rant cos I'm properly annoyed!!

    Maybe he is fed up with being pestered? I appreciate its not how everyone would do things but it is their horse, it is not how everyone would choose to keep a horse, maybe it is electric fenced to try and keep the weight off, it looks rather chunky. I am being devils advocate!
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    Anyone been to Wheal Buller riding holidays?

    My DIL has had a couple of lessons there when they have come down and has been happy with them but don't know any more than that.
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    CCTV in abattoirs

    We took a lamb for a home kill the other day and the slaughterman said he often did Halal slaughter, he electric stuns the animal before the throats is cut. The Halal slaughterman has to draw first blood so the electric stunning keeps everyone happy. Not sure how much this happens in a...
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    Pony Stallions

    Gorsfraith Brenin at Trevoulter Stud throws very smart, talented sports ponies. We had 2 by him, full brother and sister.
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    Unofficial bridleway advice

    Agree with this, it is not a PROW, you have been lucky to get away with effectively trespassing for years. If the owner now chooses to stop HIS land been ridden on that is his prerogative. He could be liable for an accident on his land why should he spend out on public liability to cover riders...
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    Dogs on footpaths: PLEASE don’t tar us all with the same brush

    There are responsible dog owners/walkers but unfortunately I would say they are in the minority. Many dog owners do not understand the concept of 'close control'. I think you'll find many people, farmers, horse owners etc have had run ins with walkers and like all things no one posts about the...
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    Just got some new Orpingtons

    I love Orpington's! I had a pair of black hens, they were stunning. No idea on names but am quite jealous.
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    Contractor's charges - NAAC

    We used to be ag contractors and tbh the list is slightly irrelevant. You are buying a service, that provider can charge what they want. What we charged to spray 100 acres would be a lot less than to spray 2, same with hay making. We wouldn't negotiate especially on smaller amounts as they are...
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    Spraying buttercups

    Before you spend more money on spray get the pH tested, buttercups are often a sign that it is low. If that is the case you could spread lime or sand to bring the PH up then posssibly overseed or reseed.
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    Horse sales dispute. Any help/views most welcome.

    You might get a better response if you post this in the 'Tack room'
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    Electric fencing with tree stakes?

    We use clipex, brilliant stuff. 30yr warranty and it is easy to take out if you need to, it is more pricey though.
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    Swift problem.........

    Are you sure they're not swallows? Swifts tend to nest under the eaves of houses. I would put a tarp under across the joists under the nest.