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    Is the weather affecting mares?

    Certainly is mine didn't even look like they were carrying until a week ago, a friends mare earlier went 368 days, mine look like they will be close to that.
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    Vaccinating but no one else is!

    You can also over vaccinate, "vaccinosis" and reactions are seen to preservatives in the vaccines as well. You only need to vaccinate for tetanus every two years, and probably much longer than that because the drug companies keep that sort of thing very quiet. I only vaccinate for tetanus as...
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    Foot abcess query

    Jana It could be that the infection or part of it is working upwards through the hoof, I would poultice the coronet band as well as that is where any infection would naturally come out, the poultice softens the area and allows the infection to come out there if it needs to. Keretex do a...
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    Horse Passport Survey

    Was VERY disappointed that there was actually no room to comment on what WE horse owners think is actually wrong with the system. All that survey really is is shut up public we have already decided that this is all the fault of the PIO's and we need you to give us some heavily biased data to...
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    Another Question about the RAW diet

    I would up the bone content that is their natural filler, if you can change to boned out carcasses or wings this will still fill her up but with less flesh to gain weight a there is quite a bit of flesh on the legs. If you feed lamb feed rib bones or pork ribs again where there is less flesh...
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    foal weaning method questions (calling all breeders

    Didn't have any this year, didn't breed because of the downturn, but have filled it in in case you can use it.
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    Stallion Wa Ha Dar progeny?

    There are lots of his progeny around, he celebrated his 21st Birthday this year with a trip to the Queen's Jubilee Pageant with a starring role! I have two due by him this summer. Here is the link to his owners website, she would be really pleased to hear from you, she has pictures on he...
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    what breed

    I would avoid breeds with a strong prey drive, Spitz, scent and sight hounds, anything that hunts. As much as you train a dog you will be fighting instinct in those types and it is hard to get a dog back from on top of a horse on the one occasion when they cannot help themselves. The nearer you...
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    Appaloosa's - Night Blindness

    Like I say I have real issue with the research and so do a lot of experienced appaloosa breeders here and in the States, many of whom have or have had fewspots and extended snowcaps that they say are not night blind, for every breeder that says all are affected there are others that say not...
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    Countryfile - don't miss

    Loved his bit about the hedges, mine are only cut occasionally and are full of berries and wildlife. My hedges are alive in winter and as soon as the berries are gone I feed the birds as well, the short hedges nearby are barren in the winter.
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    Appaloosa's - Night Blindness

    Any horse can have CNSB, quite a few horses are nightblind and no one would ever know. It is just that it is more prevalent in Appaloosas because it is linked to the genes that cause the coat patterns. The study in appaloosas, was poorly conducted and I would say it's comclusions are...
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    Double Ovariectomy (also in Vet & NL)

    Ginnie it is common practice with non breeding competition horses in the USA, they use it a lot on mules as well, last time I asked it was around $1,500 US, much cheaper than here!! I did ask my vet when the news broke that we had the gene PSSM in the breed over here, a friend was considering...
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    Foal Help!!!

    I have found Amigo Pony rugs are super for foals they fit really well around the neck and there are no legstraps. I usually buy the 1200 d ones as they are much tougher and buy the lightweight as they are very fluffy anyway in their first winter. I buy them two sizes apart as they grow so...
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    Dog with irritable bowel syndrome???

    There is more and more of this about and a lot of the blame must go to extremely poor quality feeds like Bakers, it is full of wheat colourants and other additives and that must be more than enough to make a carnivores gut go out on strike! They are just not designed to take that amount of...
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    Siberian Husky Puppies in Rescue - Nearly 8 weeks old need homes

    Sadly CC they are full with just KC registered rescue! That means that potentially some KC breeders are not being careful enough in placing puppies in the first place. As we know they are intelligent, wilful, noisy and destructive. They have little guarding instinct and can be quite aloof...