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    Rugs - weights & temp

    One in sheet and medium (200g) stable with neck in stable and a heavy combo when out (350g I think), he's fully clipped and we are windy. Mare has sheet and medium (200g) stable with heavy (300g) neck in stable, but on colder nights has a medium (200g) duvet as well as she is in rather than out...
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    Cleaning tack

    Hot water. With mild detergent if really bad (but rinse off obviously). Then a good conditioner. I clean with a leather cream from rapide which cleans and conditions. I also have their leather cream for serious reconditioning and their leather oil. It's amazing stuff. Glycerine isn't good and...
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    Have i been doing it wrong all this time?!

    Mine also get a day off after excellent work. Especially the baby ones or the ones that are building muscle. Any difficult work like bounces or cavaletti are followed by a day off or a short slow hack. Mental stimulation is just as tiring for babies as hard work. And definitely get regular...
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    Have i been doing it wrong all this time?!

    Funny you should say that. My 4 year old has been coming on leaps and bounds but last few days we have had leaning on the right rein. Takes 15 minutes to sort and then back to being a dream! She is due teeth though so a small excuse. And she decided to be extra off the leg to evade the whole...
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    Wool exercise sheets

    Where are they?! Everything seems to be fleece or just nylon/synthetic stuff. Mouse got my nice wool one last year, but wouldn't have fit new horse anyway. Any ideas? Doesn't have to be the Newmarket stripe but wool is preferred as everyone is full clipped and it's getting chilly now! Unless...
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    Itchy horse

    He was clipped a couple of days ago (3rd time!) and I felt a very bad mum as his left chest/armpit area had sweat scald. I am super thorough with washing off after work and it wasn't even where his girth is. Some flamazine is clearing it up though. It's very odd but you can see where you missed...
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    I'm saving for an ocicat. A blue boy. Last one that came up was at an unfortunate time when the dog started messing with the other cats so not a great time to bring a cute baby one in. Lots of research on breeders and always go have a visit and a chat. Bengals are a bit lively and might not be...
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    Itchy horse

    I'm also going to suggest flamazine over sudocrem. My Welsh thing is having a bad time of it at the minute, massive flakes of dead skin in mane and tail and it itching tail head/bum weirdly. Sits on it a bit and wiggles. Tested clear for pinworm which was my first thought. Flamazine clears up...
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    To All Freelance Riding Instructors... Start Up Questions

    Car related I count the mileage rather than business use as is technically commuting to place of work. Insurance is a must. And you just need to fill out a self assessment tax return, yes to sole trader.
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    Mud rash and hibiscrub

    Hot water and soak, either with a bucket or sponge. Then hibiscrub. It is going to sting so sponging I'd on may be easier to manage. Dry off and then you can cream it I use flamazine but sudocream or udder cream also works well. If you can clip the legs very close allowing as much air...
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    'On the bit' Gone Wrong!

    When a horse has the right muscle and moves forward actively from behind they will move into the contact. However most horses need a bit of help for this, whether that be a bit of enforced flexion to relax the neck or some more impulsion into a half halt. You should, with a blank canvas that is...
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    'On the bit' Gone Wrong!

    It's a fairly common problem. I see it a fair bit. I've always found they have an almost light bulb moment when they realise what you want and move into the contact properly. They'll often have no backend either and are generally weak in the upper thigh so getting to the 'properly' takes time...
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    Have i been doing it wrong all this time?!

    From what you have said he just sounds like an inconsistent and weak young horse. You'll get good days and not so good days. On the not so good days reduce your expectations - work on getting him to bend round your leg on a circle in walk for eg and when he does end the session. That sort of...
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    Dressage Tomorrow - First Time

    Free walk is not buckle end, it is a longer contact. Don't worry too much about dress, especially if unaff. Plait however you like, plaiting isn't required and you can plait in whatever way you please. Good luck and enjoy!
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    Exasperated sigh

    I share a yard. The ones that get in a state and get brought in aren't on my yard and are very expensive horses prone to being idiots and injuring themselves so if a couple of hours is all they can manage that's all they can manage. Horse has got stuck in rug twice. First time got fixed about 5...