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    Help needed exercising my horses...

    Hi Charley, thanks for your reply - things have changed a lot for us since I posted this! So sorry we are no longer looking for someone to help, but I'm sure if you pop a post on Facebook someone will gladly take up your offer of help :-)
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    Horsebox advice

    Where's the best place to advertise one for sale?
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    Broken leg stories

    Please tell me your broken leg stories - or preferably happy endings!! After a year of broken leg, I'm really looking for inspiration that I will get better, ride again and hopefully compete again - fingers crossed!
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    Does anyone have a sound horse?

    Yes me - I have 4 sound horses but me.... well I'm currently very lame with a broken leg :-(
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    Nearly a year of broken leg :-(

    Yes no problem. Well I fell off of course .... most pathetic fall I've had in my life. Was showjumping at the time, well actually I was going round a corner, me and my lad parted company, very sedately and I landed on my feet..... felt my leg bend like a piece of rubber under me, can't say it...
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    Pictures Helped out a with a faded friend in need

    Wow - what a difference - brilliant!
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    Nearly a year of broken leg :-(

    No, they had to bone graft and internal fixate as my bone was not healing and I was still left with a non-union. I'm only 13 weeks since my last op so I suppose it's far too early to discuss removing anything.
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    Nearly a year of broken leg :-(

    This Sunday will mark the year anniversary of my broken leg... When I say broken leg, I actually mean snapped in half! Compound fracture of tib and fib, had to have muscle flap (muscle taken from my back and grafted into my leg) plus skin graft, 8 1/2 months in a taylor special frame...
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    Saddle Fitters - Derbyshire

    I use Teresa from Kick-on. She normally has a very good secondhand collection.
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    What to do

    Sadly only you can reach this decision.... why don't you just give yourself a break for a few months and see if you miss it? That might just give you your answer :-)
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    I need help!

    PM'd you ;-)
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    ANOTHER weekend plans!

    I'm off to Arena UK with my OH and our boys for a spot of showjumping ;-)
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    ANOTHER weekend plans!

    Good luck - just smile and enjoy it :-)
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    Veteran horse insurance. Worth it?

    Both my oldies (25 and 26) are still insured. Veteran policies with Petplan, it only covers accident and third party so have debated whether I should continue, but for the £10 odd each per month it costs, feel I might as well.
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    How much is too much? My poor boy

    Just brilliant - so happy for you!!