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    Is it even worth a try?

    Personally, I'd only sleep at night knowing there was absolutely no chance of him falling into a bad situation. He's owed that much. Playing devils advocate - could you not loan one of the ridden one's out so you can keep the cob?
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    How is he looking?

    I think he looks much better :) What's his story? X
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    William Fox-Pitt

    Whilst I am pleased for WFP - I must admit, I was hoping Andrew Nicholson would clinch this time after so many years. Many congratulations to WFP & all connected.
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    Pessoa/Whitaker Training Aid - Opinions

    If you already have side reins, why not just use elasticated bandages around the bum & attached to the roller?
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    Do you wear your hacking jacket .......

    I'm 26 & have never worn a hacking jacket for hacking ... !
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    Mane woes. *sobs*

    This happened to my New Forest last summer - if it's any consolation, it's growing back nicely & not too far of it's original length now. It's actually thicker this time around :) Hopefully your girls does the same!
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    How far do people travel to yards?

    I live 20 miles away from my DIY livery (although with assistance available) - it does make it harder work, being further away, as I used to live 2.5 miles away & so notice the extra travel in both time & petrol costs!
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    My concerns from previous thread have taken twist for the worst

    Poor owner & poor horse :( I'm another that hopes she doesn't find this post, however.
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    Badminton horse trials... What to wear?

    To be fair, I think it's a bit harsh to say you'll look a prat in jodhpurs - I've gone to Hickstead and agricultural/county shows in jodhpurs before. Hickstead is close to my yard & if I've ridden before & going straight from the yard, I'm not driving in the other direction to change for what is...
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    Who/where do you keep your horses passport?

    By me. Personally, I wouldn't be comfortable handing over the original to a Y/O when on DIY livery - I'd happily give a photocopy of the relevant pages though.
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    What direction to face stables?

    If it makes you feel better, I once had to ask my boss how you can go clockwise or anti-clockwise around the M25, as surely you were either going up or down it ... :D I've just found my iPhone has an inbuilt compass - I'm going to have a look tomorrow!
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    What direction to face stables?

    Thanks :) I hadn't thought of using a compass - god, I'm SO stupid at times! :D The sun rises in the East, right? I'm going go look tomorrow - I'm intrigued now !
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    What direction to face stables?

    How would you know which way they are facing ...?! I'm intrigued by which way mine are facing, but no idea how I'd know :D
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    Cheeky/ridiculous posts you see on Facebook.

    Or, put lots of effort into a horse to have him/her taken away at the owners whim ... Again, 2 sides & just playing devils advocate. It doesn't bother me, I won't loan personally - but the amount of loans I see advertised where the owner wants someone to improve their horse & take it back...
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    Cheeky/ridiculous posts you see on Facebook.

    But presumably you'd be happy for the person loaning (so doesn't even own the horse) for their tack to decrease in value when the horse goes back to the owner? I can see both sides to the tack/no tack argument - so just playing devils advocate here!