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    spanish riding school photos

    How lovely, glad you enjoyed it:) OP, thank you for posting the article. They have such a history and it's interesting to read about it, especially with accompanying photos.
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    Freddy Tylicki

    Really sorry to hear Freddy's outcome is as serious as this. My thoughts are with him and his family and friends, and also his fellow jockeys.
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    Newbie note to self

    :D Enjoy your horsey adventures - I think you'll do well as having a sense of humour always helps!
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    Major brave pants moment!

    Ah, well done Alf! Brave boy indeed :)
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    Would you be a little annoyed too?

    What planet do some people come from? I would put a "speechless/confused" icon here if I knew how...
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    First job interview - at my local tack store

    Nice thread to read :) Well done OP!
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    Would you be a little annoyed too?

    Yes, I would also be annoyed. Actually, I'm annoyed on your behalf! How rude to copy the photos without permission. With regards to the clipping, that sort of business practice is why I'd probably be rubbish at running my own business, as I could never do that to someone who'd taught me how to...
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    Warm riding boots for winter

    I have just bought a pair of Colt Ryder Muck Boots after a couple of people recommended them. Although we've not reached the really cold weather yet, it was quite chilly the other day and someone was complaining their feet were cold, but my feet were fine. The people who recommended them ride...
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    Newmarket Town Plate 1950's

    Having done a quick internet search to remind myself, I can tell you it was John Snaith. Willie Snaith Road is named after his father. Whilst Willie had a successful career as a jockey, John’s racing days were sadly cut short aged 28 by a horrible fall in the 1983 Topham. He didn’t mention...
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    Newmarket Town Plate 1950's

    Very interesting video and subsequent posts :) Sometimes wish I could get hold of those old-fashioned breeches and a yellow jumper to ride out in! Thank you for posting this. Eta: visited the museum last year before the work was finished and am looking forward for a chance to visit...
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    You may appreciate this... *poem*

    Another like :)
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    Year since we met ! (pic heavy!)

    Really nice to read (and see - I especially like the beach photo). Hope you continue to have lots of fun :)
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    Falling off at HOYS

    Thanks for the teamchasing information. It was the Bicester team chase, but not that particular incident that I saw. It was one of the early teams in the Novice. I’m now doubting myself because whilst I thought the shoulders did hit the ground, now that I know the rules, it seems like...
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    Falling off at HOYS

    Slightly off-topic as this isn't connected to HOYS, but it was something I was pondering over yesterday when I was watching at a team chase... Someone fell off their horse, but it was all very slow motion and she was clearly fine. She got back on and the team went on their way so I guessed if...
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    Help? Best way to get hairs off a numnah

    For the future, I would definitely recommend one of the orange washbags (Moorland Rider Horsewear washbag). Even if you get most of the hair off, there's still usually some left, and putting it in the bag will help the machine. I use mine all the time.