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    Creating 'flashy' dressage paces in the Medium/Advanced Horse?

    Interesting reading. Maybe I should tell Monty no more PSG though as he can't extend to save his life so we better go back to Prelim! He pushed from behind but his conformation is so bad he is so downhill he cannot open and flick his shoulder. He's never going to get amazing marks at this level...
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    Anyone own / drive a DAF45 130 / 150

    I've got a 130. Had it 5yrs now. Need to take a run up at a big hill or do end up losing the will to live by the time we get to the top but it's been a reliable old beast and taken me all over the country no probs. It is X reg.
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    CR or SJ'ing Jan 21st or 22nd - Berks, N Hants, Oxon or Surrey ?

    Parwood have unaffiliated SJ on sat 21st.
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    Wagon... what's it worth

    I have a DAF 45 2000 reg. I paid 16.5k for it 4yrs ago. Not sure what it's worth now, got it insured for 12k still. It's all singing and dancing with cut through, full fitted living, shower and toilet, reverse camera, awning etc. No way is the one described in the original post worth 20k. Maybe...
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    Weekend plans....?

    First time SJ in 3mths and after commenting on the weird turn from 4 to 5 when I walked the course and again waiting to go in I promptly sailed right past it without realising and got eliminated lol. Least number of SJ jumped ever. Good thing it was only next door and not much effort! Doh!
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    Weekend plans....?

    I was meant to be doing my next PSG at oldencraig tomorrow but they reversed the order of the classes so put me doing PSG at 9.30am and my warmup advanced Medium at 10.10 which in itself is annoying but sadly my lorry is with my mechanic and can't pick it up until 9am which I thought would be...
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    Dressage / Flatwork Clinics in Surrey?

    Parwood and Merrist Wood between them hold loads more than I could ever get to and right on my doorstep so I just go there.
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    Weekend Plans

    no hunting after all today. They went ahead but I bailed thanks to being a wuss about taking him out after the major frost we had last night. It was thawing but not quick enough for my liking and was too scared to risk him on part frozen ground :( He has been lovely this week though - lines...
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    Weekend Plans

    Working Saturday. More hunting Sunday. Yay!
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    Weekend Plans Piccies of us over the monster hedge on page 6 and another good one on page 9 - what a buzz!
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    Weekend Plans

    Hunting today was awesome. Ended up following THE Rodney Powell over the open team chase course at Kingsclere. The hedges were huge but Monty was on flying form! Forgiven him for chucking me on Wednesday now!
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    Weekend Plans

    Xmas shopping tomorrow then hunting with the Berks and Bucks up at Kingsclere on Sunday. My fave meet of the calendar. So many amazing hedges to jump. Can't wait! Even if I'm not sure Monty deserves to go after broncing me off onto the car park at SJ lesson on Wed when I tried to get on. Let's...
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    Report - BD convention, please add your gems to it!

    Thanks for that gem. I have two wonderful regular trainers. Doesn't mean I can't learn more from other people. Have trained my horse from Prelim to PSG and got points on our first outing at PSG so not exactly doing badly. I can just do with all the help I can get as never ridden at this level...
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    Report - BD convention, please add your gems to it!

    Thanks for that. Sounds like I should have gone! Sounds very useful especially for me! Currently blind leading the blind trying to teach my poor horse to do PSG when I've never ridden at the level!
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    Working full time 9-5..... how many times a week do you ride?

    I work 9 till 7pm. Luckily have an arena with floodlights. I also get Wed afternoons off which at least means he gets one hack during the week. Have to work 2 out of 5 Saturdays in exchange for that though. Used to do day off Monday, flatwork tue, hack Wed, flatwork or pole work on Thursday and...