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    Okay so we have had most famous... now which horse off HHO would you most like to own

    I missed the first thread,so if it's not too late,I would LOVE to have owned"Super Ted"
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    The heady days of pony fun in the 1970s

    I cringe when I remember this but we used to jump our ponies over the arena fence,if they tipped it the PC instructor used to say"well they'll pick their feet up next time"! Going to PC rallies with the horses loose in the back of a cattle truck. Gretna Green races,when the pony was not keen...
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    how would you want these trimmed?

    Firstly.I would like to see photos of the pony standing on all four feet.
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    My boys' "Bromance"..Im going to strangle the pair of them...!!!!

    Gloves,Hat & BP,I also second the idea of a longer lead rope.
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    Hepatic help

    A treat is a treat,is a treat!It's not what it is,it's the fact that it's given in a certain situation. Dame Shirley Bassette is on such a retricted diet,you don't want to know about it! When "treats"are handed out,she gets a few of her diet biscuits,the other get something different but it's...
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    £52.25 for opening a gate!

    Why not go back to Vet School and ask very politely if they will have you back,then after you graduate you'll never need to call a vet again.
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    High risk breeds with adverse reactions with vaccinations.

    Sad to say,Parvo is raging in our area.The Vets are encouraging people do bring their dogs in ,for half price vax. Also,instructions on the door of the vet hospital,not to bring your dog inside if it has Parvo symptoms,the vet will come out to your car and check the dog out first. All ours are...
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    we have a new plan and tactics for Royal Cornwall.

    More slow work,less grain.
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    Those poorly pup signs you notice as an owner

    Update please on Ruby's vet visit.
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    R.I.P My Big Toe

    My foot was stomped on by a galloway,who meant it.I staggered round the rest of the feeds and ruggings,before I tottered into the house,when I removed my boot,I had a hoofprint of not only the shoe but the nail heads on the top of my foot.
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    Those poorly pup signs you notice as an owner

    Shirley Bassette sends Get Well Wishes to Ruby,so she will be recovered in time to enjoy her Birthday. PS:Feeling unwell is a good time to do some "training"of your "Humans",they tend to respond much faster when you are unwell and looking sorrowful.
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    Happy Birthday Shirley Bassette

    SB is very impressed that you would send her a WHOLE cake and wishes to say that her mean humans only gave her a tiny treat!!!
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    Happy Birthday Shirley Bassette

    Happy Birthday Evie
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    Happy Birthday Shirley Bassette

    I can't believe SB is 4,it seems only yesterday that I brought home a 5 week old puppy[rescue not wrenched from her mother]. As the top dog of the household,she is on the couch,under a blanket,with the heater going,as it's a damp,foggy day in OZ.
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    Strange names?

    Andrew[and it so suits him] PixieThePony Macaroni Steelo[he was the colour of steel wool,when he was born and never went grey] Richard Cranium aka ********,a good NZ racehorse,even though the race callers sometimes had trouble with his name Zippo[Fantastic Light/Strike Fire] Pin[Safely...