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    Help I cant lead my horse!

    Try putting a chain under her jaw when you lead her - I know some people are going to throw their hands up in horror at this but it worked for my 2yo when she got on a mission! The chain is only as harsh as the hands it is in and my filly learned very quickly that all attempts at being bargy...
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    cliff barnsby

    I have a lovely black working hunter 16" saddle and I love it - sooo comfy and a good fit! Unfortunately no longer have the pony it was bought for *sighs* oh what to do with it now?!
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    How lucky am I?!

    Oh poor Bri (and you!), glad she is ok but I'd be more worried about her getting into your "back passage"!!
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    Hoof came off!

    Cannot believe an injury like that was not immediately seen by the vet!! Have never seen it in a horse but I have in a sheep (not quite the same I know!), she had loads of antibiotics and was poulticed and it healed very well but her one "toe" that she ripped off does grow deformed so I can't...
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    Please don't laugh at me....

    Fed my mare apples and carrots before and after giving birth and baby just helped himself from a very early age! Never had any problems, he also had mints from about 3 months old, nothing like a bit of good old bribery to get a potential 16hh colt to like you!!
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    Where do you find driving ponies?

    Claudia Bunn in Worcestershire is a very reputable dealer in driving horses and ponies, if she hasn't got anything suitable she may know someone who has and will look out for you. pm me if you want her phone number.
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    Horse Insurance

    Am trying to claim for loss of use with a view to putting him to sleep as he isn't going to get any better and, unfortunately, he isn't a candidate for a field ornament due to being very playful! They are saying that, although he has already been on 3 months box rest, they want him to have...
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    Horse Insurance

    Sorry to hijack the thread but... has anyone had probs with Petplan? They are stalling with me re a claim for loss of use on a horse with knackered suspensorys!
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    New Navicular Treatment - Tildren

    I have heard that it is very good in some cases and not suitable for all - I think the worse the condition is, the better the prognosis. My horse was diagnosed with Navicular but he wasn't bad enough (the changes in the bone were insignificant) and therefore not an ideal candidate for the...
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    Suspensory Ligament Operation

    My horse has a problem with his hind suspensory ligaments and I was told by the vet that if he were to have the op he would have to be on box rest for 4 months. I don't know if that would be at the clinic or home or if different cases have different prognoses.
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    Conformation - a debate!

    Yes, I think that conformation has a part to play in soundness but there are exceptions to the rule - even Seabiscuit didn't stay sound and injury shortened his racing caeer although he was bloody fast when he was! There is no such thing as "perfect conformation" and it depends on what your...
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    10m loops - change diagonal or not?

    If you mean loops off the outside track to the 3/4 line then no, I don't think you do as you aren't changing the rein and your bend is only changed briefly. If you are crossing or joining the centre line and then changing the rein, then yes, you should change diagonals on the centre line. Hope...
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    OH NO - Richard Hammond - serious accident

    My ex OH went for that job! My God - could have been him!! Hope he pulls through - thoughts are with his family
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    Lunging from bridle

    Unfortunately I have no suggestions as to what to do except to be a gloom merchant and say that lunging from the bridle can cause damage to the poll and mouth. I know, I know he tanks in a cavesson, what about a headcollar on tight and lunge off that?, that's what I use for tankers - sorry!
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    So sad...

    How sad! Perhaps if she can't keep him she should think about doing "the decent thing". Sometimes people with the biggest hearts are the ones who get it wrong. At least he had a good 2 1/2 years with you!