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    Can I do 'Couch to 5K' or similar with a shetland pony?

    I very regularly take my 16hh warm blood mare out on big dog walks. Great for her and even better for me! Burn more calories hauling myself up those hills than being a passenger!! She loves it and so do i :)
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    Assisted livery

    I pay £3 (!!!) for the yard to bring in. This "includes" rug change, boots taken off and feet picking out. And they wonder why i have a good old moan when feet aren't picked out... My field is 30 seconds away and girls are so good to come in...
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    Mares what are they really like?

    9/10 my mares are lovely. The old girl can be snappy and opinionated but she is the most loyal little bean in the world. I find it takes longer to build a bond/relationship with a mare as they arent as fickle as a gelding. But once you've got it they are just amazing. I now wouldn't want...
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    Storm Ciara - What are you doing with horses?

    Keep your eye out for you to feature, i'd be expecting half of the £250 ;) I soak hay so was filling buckets yesterday with the hose. Turned to watch a tree in the back field fall with a friend as the wind caught the hose, flew it out of the bucket and straight down my back... Yesterday was a...
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    Storm Ciara - What are you doing with horses?

    Snap! Terrifying yesterday and we lost part of the indoor school roof which was only replaced about 18 months ago! Girlies were more than happy in their stables yesterday with plenty of hay. Winds got up to 76mph at the worst and i lost count at the amount of trees that came down. I'm stabled in...
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    What time do you do the horses in the morning?

    Any time between 5:30 and 6:30, depending on what i have to do. I'm always first up to my yard too.
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    Text messages!

    I got a phone call yesterday morning from one of the girls up at the yard to ask it my old girl had moved stables... She wasnt in her stable but her door chain was still up and she was no where to be seen. They couldn't find her anywhere so the panic really started to set in as i had left her in...
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    Feeling torn about taking on a new horse

    To be fair i missed the part where she mentioned being based in Australia.
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    Feeling torn about taking on a new horse

    I thought i was the only one that would take him lol. My old girl was gifted to me. No gift on this earth will ever top that!
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    How much hay for horse stabled overnight...

    The only tie i have ever had to weigh hay is when i was at college. Never again. Mine are adlib and like someone above said, if the have empty haynets in the morning, i add a section the next day. Neither of mine are overweight and have healthy tummies as a result :)
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    Emm, is this a thing???

    At that price, my girls will definitely hate it lol
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    Olympia last night - Dressage Freestyle

    I used to go every year with my aunt and her late father and we used to have front row seats every time... i must add they paid as my christmas present each year. I'm going back on saturday for the first time in 5 years and i've treated mum! Needless to say we are NOT front row this time around...
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    Awful Day Yesterday

    I am so so sorry to read this xxx
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    Pictures I couldn’t love my horse more

    Well done you! Lovely pictures :D
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    Can you pass a poo?

    One of mine insists of having a wee whilst i put the bed down.... Very annoying!! I tried to catch it in a bucket once and i've never seen her jump so much, she nearly hit the ceiling lol. She will always do a poo before her evening feed so i skip out and straighten up her bed while she eats...