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    Teeth and Vaccinations

    Brilliant, just what i wanted to hear! She hates the vet so i'm sure he'll be over the moon he doesnt have to see her twice lol
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    Following on from 'dying breed' - are we all competing less?

    I feel so guilty for losing the love for competing... my horses have always loved being out and about! I just don't get the pleasure out of it anymore I love the day to day loving of my horses and wouldn't care less if i never competed again!!
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    First time out overnight - nervous!

    I've told this story before but i feel like you'll benefit from it lol... My girls second night out last summer, i woke up at 4am to hear an awful storm. Thunder, lightening the full works. Laid there for about half hour tossing and turning and worrying like something chronic... Got up, ran to...
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    Teeth and Vaccinations

    Ponio is due to have her teeth checked at the end of the month. She has to be sedated to have them done, so my very experienced vet does them. She is also due her 6 month booster next month. My question is; can i combine them? Will it effect her to have the vaccination when sedated? Money...
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    Horse crossing jaw when bridled

    Sounds strange but you could try warming the bit first? My old boy hated having the cold bit in his mouth. He would cross his jaw, move his tongue alot and generally look really unsettled in the mouth. Would stop after 3/4 mins once the metal was warm in his mouth. We used to dunk the bit in hot...
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    Going to view a young horse who hasn’t jumped

    I rode an 8 year old national hunt gelding a few years ago. Serious amount of scope, conformation and temperament to die for. Yet wouldn't go near a coloured pole. I don't think free jumping will achieve alot for you if he genuinely has never done it before. If the horse is willing and eager to...
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    Feed Balancers

    I feed Bailey's no.14 Lo Cal and my girl looks fab on it. She's a porker so she only gets hi-fi light and lo cal to get supplements in. She's super shiney and general very well.
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    Almost at my wits end

    It was a scary difference! Although many other people on the yard feed it and have had no adverse reactions so i thought it was me going crazy haha. Never again will i feed t!!
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    Straw pellets

    I've never used straw pellets but i love the woodpellets. When mine are in over night i do a full muck out each day. When they go out overnight, i deep litter and it works well. To buy a pallet they're not overly cheap but once the bed is made, keep it big and i only add 1-2 bags a week...
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    Bhs stage 4 tacking up fail!

    From my experience, they are fairly good if your answer isn't exactly what they would mark as correct on paper, if you are able to discuss why you've done it and why others may do it differently. Also its good to discuss what you would do at home and why and what differences, if any, you would...
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    Washing rugs

    I never touch the turnouts.. rain washes the excess mud off and avoiding a washing machine means they stay waterproof! Amigo rugs fit so well and arent overly cheap so id rather them abit smelly and muddy AND waterproof!!!
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    Her Majesty's Cavalry

    Got it! Thank you. Can't wait to watch it.
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    Her Majesty's Cavalry

    Ah that's annoying, i was hoping it was called something different as i can't find it on ITV Player!!
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    Her Majesty's Cavalry

    What is it called please? Hoping to catch up on ITV Player :)
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    Almost at my wits end

    It may be completely off the mark but when i fed magnesium to my mare it blew her brain. She was on it for 3 weeks and she was awful. Ridiculously spooky, extra hot under saddle, horrible to walk to the field and back again (I have always prided her in her manners when being handled on the...