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    Horses fall victim to unstable times

    That's awful, no matter how bad your 'money worries' are would you really abandon an elderly horse undergoing vet treatment!
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    Lice - Please help!!

    Oh yes and very importantly and I'm sure obviously, but keep him away from other horses!
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    NEWSFLASH!!! Angel seen in Wales!!!!

    Congrats!!!! Love the story!!!! LOL
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    Lice - Please help!!

    Just remembered, it was called SWITCH and it was made by Day Son & Hewitt, no idea why she gave us sweet itch treatment for lice but I aint gonna moan cos it worked!
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    Lice - Please help!!

    Just remembered....the treatment the vet gave us was called Switch and it was made by Day Son & Hewitt. It contains permethrin solution as the active ingredient. Have absolutely no idea why the vet prescribed a Sweet Itch product for lice but it worked!
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    Lice - Please help!!

    The vet gave us some liquid stuff, sure it was for sweet itch but it worked. Had to apply it from head to tail along the spine once a day for 3 days I think it was.
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    Feed Balancers for Laminitics?

    I would highly recommend Blue Chip Lami Lite. I actually feed Blue Chip original through the winter and then the last bag in the spring is Lami lite. works for mine.
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    poor ponies

    QR none of them look underweight and only the second picture is a tethered pony, which, if you read the ad, is a colt so is probably tethered as a temporary measure while he is sold so he doesn't have to go in with mares....
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    OMG Geograph

    [ QUOTE ] These are our shool ponies- BLOODY CHEEK! And this is our riding school: Can you get them to take them off the site at all? [/ QUOTE ] That first picture looks like...
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    Does anyone own these two horses?

    I doubt it was the same horse then - she was bought in Cheshire, but from a dealer so could've come from anywhere but her dishing was VERY prominent as I said.
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    Found Candy the shetland pony ! Very interesting !

    I suppose time was of the element in this situation but years ago, when my pony was 'stolen whilst on loan', well she was abandoned at a livery yard after the loanee had told the YO that the pony was hers, anyway - our vet said that if needs be he would happily identify the pony from the notes...
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    Car battery advice, please

    Have you either tried a different charger or tried a different battery with that charger? Some batteries do eventually just die but if you say it's quite new then it should be OK. Not much help, sorry!
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    OMG Geograph

    Oh well don't get me started on the public footpaths and 'right to roam' crap! Have you actually read this incidentally, anyone?