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    How long do you consider it takes to get a horse eventing fit?

    Oh, horse has been living out 24/7 but mostly stands still whilst her companion hoons around. She was fully fit before the break - unfortunate rider injury meant she couldn't be let down, was just chucked out (obviously checked, hayed and fed).
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    How long do you consider it takes to get a horse eventing fit?

    Said horse is a ten year old, reasonably experienced. Has just had 3 and a half months off due to rider injury. Only going to be at 90 level. There have been a variety of opinions as to when the first event should be pencilled in for. Also, what would your fitness plan look like (briefly!)?
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    How do your eventers come out of the season?

    My mare has done 6 BE90's this season - plan was 7 (Weston Park) this weekend but my surgery was brought forward. Ruby is extremely fit and buzzy - loved her last event at Kelsall and tanked around the cross country. Also took her cross country schooling last weekend and popped over the 100s. I...
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    BE80 at Somerford, what’s it like?

    Somerford is an absolutely lovely course - there are two steep hills (one you go up and one you come down) and course is near maximum length so definitely needs a horse on the fitter side. Rewards bold riding as can be up to height, but is a cracking track :) I'm there for my first 90 in a while...
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    Turnout and livery yards

    Roughly 15 acres and 7 horses - might go to 8 next year. We are on heavy, heavy clay. Winter fields are around 5 acres and around stables and school, and have been drained, which makes them drier. The fields themselves are quite dry, but gateways are muddy. They come in at night over winter...
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    Are there ANY sprays that are effective against horseflies?

    Horseflies hunt by sight rather than smell, so are attracted to dark horses the most. Only true effective way to prevent bites is a fly rug which is light in colour, which prevents them from being able to bite through the fabric. We use power phaser which keeps most of the other flies at bay.
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    Who's raised,backed & produced their own horse from a yearling?

    I bred and produced one mare, and have got a 3 and a half year old gelding that we bought as a weanling who's about to start some groundwork, will be sat on once or twice this summer and then turned away until he's 4 and ready to start hacking. I think there's a lot more to consider. Yes, on...
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    More advice on bringing horse home please

    Second rubber mats as a ground base - or even these mats, which allow water/pee to drain through onto the ground and don't require a concrete base so aren't considered 'permanent': Direction of the prevailing wind for optimal shelter placement, where they will stand...
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    What would you expect to pay for a 4yo potential eventer in SE?

    Quick scan on Horsequest - seems to be about £5k upwards for a nice but plain and well bred type, then keep adding a bit more with experience, paces etc. Can pick up some nice looking youngsters without the big breeding for £3k. The market seems bonkers at the moment!
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    Our first outing (video)

    He looks a cracking sort and really takes you forwards, I like him! Regarding the water, it's just a case of practice practice practice. Take him to a few venues and try and make it as positive as possible.
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    Is it possible to school over the XC used for Stafford BE80T?

    Not sure where you're based, but there's a lot of XC venues around that neck of the woods. The course pictures can be seen here: It's a lovely first BE80, very inviting. However it is quite hilly so you'll need a fit horse...
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    Weekend plans!

    I had hoped I'd be getting back on board today after a visit from the vet - pony has a huge splint which has been rumbling on since February! Was rested, came sound, then went lame on it again once brought back into work. Only plus side is that remaining in a tiny paddock means we'll miss this...
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    Teaching a horse to yield to leg pressure, i.e. Move sideways!

    Try a sharper, more pointed aid such as a finger prod in the side rather than a hand. Not a jab, but a more focused pressure. Then can progress to 'blunter' aids such as a whole hand. Could also combine with turning the head and using the aid to push the hindquarters to get the idea through...
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    Best no-rub cool fly rug?

    My mare is very dark and gets very hot in the summer, and also bothered by flies. She has a big shoulder and rugs always seem to rub her there. So we're now on the search for a rug that doesn't rub, but also keeps them cool in the height of summer. Might be the impossible!
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    Getting a horse fit with just roadwork?

    Also, adding some canter interval work in the school will really help build fitness. Depending how big the school is, can open them up down the long side and collect them for the shorter ones. Also raised polework to engage their core, make sure when you're schooling that it's proper engaging work.