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    Keeping weight on your hunter

    Soya flakes I have been told are something of a miracle worker for keeping top line on a horse
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    Stressful visit to vets

    We feed our Lab babies on minced tripe/head meat and later on raw chicken carcases, the perfect lab meal!
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    litter grr and help please

    I think honestly the less experienced a breeder is the bigger the costs. Very very easy to get sucked in to "you must/should do this" .As for a proper mongrel litter, well free mating of course, she won`t need blood tests, just mate when she feels right, she won`t need special beds/caeserians...
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    Help! Do i finally have my aggressive staffy PTS????

    If he is a good dog at home just make sure the fences are good, a few baby gates are a boon.A good strong Vari kennel indoors, or kennel and run outside are a great stress reliever for you.He does not need to go for walks if he is played with energetically enough,however ,if you feel it is...
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    The Dalmation was one of the breeds James Hinks used to create the Bull Terrier back in the 1860`s. The batty sense of humour must come from them,as well as the spotty skin,which sometimes grow black hairs to become "ticks" ,a minor cosmetic fault. They also got improved construction from the...
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    Snakes in my hay!

    That is a slow worm..notice the blunt tail end? Like lizards they will dump their tail end to escape iof they get a fright,and this one previously had done just that. Used to keep them and other wild critters as a child. Gentle and completely harmless.
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    Sounds good does`nt it.But the spey scar is small anyway,and under the skin sutures are often used,the problem with trying to "work" through a smaller aperture is more bruising.I would much prefer a vet having space to really look around than a cosmetic plus,far safer and only a tiny scar anyway.
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    Stinky farts!

    Think about it..if you get wind and fart a lot you know that what you ate upsets your digestion.Same with your dog,food with grain in it causes fermentation and gas,don`t feed it. Quality raw does not cause any gas,try raw chicken carcases,that alone is a perfect diet anyway,our`s are all fed...
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    Is this going to be the next must have designer breed?

    Just another mongrel.This one will have the added benefits of the four different genetic heart problems a cavaliar can have,plus it`s eye problems,added to this will be hip and elbow disasters.What a great idea to line a vet`s pocket.
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    Advice needed please - Growling 5mth golden retriever puppy?

    Many years ago now we boarded a Goldie bitch ,she was absolutely fine ..until one needed to remove empty food bowls..or remove slip leads after being out.As one does I found out she stayed just the once in virtually every local boarding kennel!
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    Would you PTS this dog

    You`d think would`nt you that with this known result of spaying a little lateral thinking would happen.Such as tube tying/sealing as in humans?
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    Ok, it's the Daily Fail, but still...

    I read the article thinking "oh good" ..then realised it was actually an advert for the most expensive way of feeding raw there is! I do know a couple of people buying their" specially chosen " little orders ,both of them well meaning ,too rich,and very very stupid to be taken in.Raw feeding is...
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    Preventing Parvo

    which is the way I prefer ,the later the finish to the course the more likely as complete uptake as possible.It makes me nervous to leave a window of opportunity at any stage for this disease.We did once have in some litters,due entirely to me taking a couple of terriers to a hunt terrier show...
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    Preventing Parvo

    And in the case of decent breeders a booster Parvo shot a fortnight prior to whelping will give that clostrum antibody feed a kick into maximum .Always do this because dog shows can be rife with viruses .
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    9mth Lab puppy with severy hip dysplasia

    But hip scoring is a funny old thing,and can throw up some nasty surprises.For instance,I mated a Border Collie bitch ,score 14,which was under the breed avaerage at the time;I put her to a New Zealand import with a HD score of 5.The puppies were indeed beautiful,but the male I kept back had a...