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    Can anyone help? -Huddersfield

    eta- just pm'd you!
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    Can anyone help? -Huddersfield

    Theres quite a few but most aren't the type with websites, more local/private yards. Hopton horse centre is one of the bigger ones, they do have a website. Theres a few in Emley, blacker farm, one up just past the mast, one down benny Lane. Theres one in Clayton West, One in Skelmanthorpe...
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    Best/most popular body protector for xc

    Racesafe! So comfy and lightweight I forget I have it on
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    Spot bott goes BD'ing again

    Don't know anything about dressage but he is loooovely! I am sure you will get there with competing though, don't get downhearted!! LOVE the browband, do you sell them? I've been looking for one like that for a while but in silver?
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    RC AREAS next week breckenborough

    Im in Ackworth - don't do much area stuff as I don't have my own and ride an older horse (we did showX at epworth which was my first area) who I'm just getting going on, hopefully will have something to do more stuff on next year though. Will watch out for you, it should be a good day, I work...
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    RC AREAS next week breckenborough

    What RC are you in? I am fence judging as I don't have anything to compete, taking my camera to get some snaps as well!
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    Are horses just not selling or could it be my ad?

    Feel free to PM me the ad as well if you want. Obviously make sure you have good clear photos, of her competing if possible, videos of her doing everything, well written ad, and if you've got everything right then unfortunatrly I think the only way to sell quickly is to put a low price.
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    Budget/homemade jumps!

    Cement trays make really good working hunter style water trays, Blue tarpaulin for sj style ones! I'd you have any thinish logs, chop them up making the sections of log the height you want to jump, and saw a groove in the top (like cutting out a triangle of the flat surface) and then you can...
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    Selling a Talented But (Slightly!) Quirky Horse!

    Could you pm me please, more info and whereabouts :)
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    Is anyone else here a rosette snob??

    I'm a rosette snob but rarely win any any more! Although I was a bit annoyed when we went to a local equestrian centre earlier in the year unaff showjumping, paid £10 a class and the rosettes were horrendous! It's not like its a well run, nice competition centre worth paying that for either...
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    please help me find a gift for a 17yo

    mark Todd, John Whitaker, Mountain horse, musto for jodds, equetech do some nice competition breeches as well. Joules, horseware, hv polo, Toggi all do nice polo shirts. Probably wouldn't go for anything too bright but that might be just my taste!
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    If you were looking to buy a horse...

    Horsequest and PC website
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    Most cost effective way to get lessons?

    Our riding club organises lessons every fortnight with my instructor, group/semi private in an indoor, price is about £15 per hour each. Was a bit cheaper but the arena had a new surface in so now costs a bit more to hire, lovely arena though and great instructor
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    Project horses

    about 1.5k
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    Project horses

    I'm looking for something 14-15.2, broken in, ideally a gelding but can't be too fussy! Something to bring on to do RC/Unaff/hunting, as close to West Yorkshire as possible.