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    Ridden veteran classes

    Thanks all. It's a pony club show so don't think it will be a qualifier for anything. The young rider will be ok cantering in a group but may be very nervous if she doesn't know the other people (being pony club she probably will know most of them). Pony is a schoolmistress, been there and...
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    Ridden veteran classes

    Do they canter together and do they need to show extension/gallop? I'm taking a nervous young rider to their first show (PC) and she wants to take her oap in to the veteran but its the one class I have not done myself so not sure if it differs to normal showing classes.
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    Le chameau V Aigle

    Going to local farm store later to get a new pair of wellies after my 3rd pair of Seelands have died with in a few months (not impressed) I've had a quick peak on the website and like the look of the Le chameau ladies all track country and the Aigle benyl boot. So any preferences? Any one...
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    Following on for the to oil or not to oil post

    My horse, her tack and myself got absolutely drenched today so I have brought it home to dry out and clean. I have Ko-cao-line, Naf leather soft soap or Nikwax waterproofing wax for leather. Which do I use? I normally use the soft soap for general cleaning and the ko-cao-line before...
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    Jumping Badminton XC Without The Horse...

    That is amazing. He didn't even tough that wide box fence with the brushes on top!
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    To oil or not to oil???

    I used to work for an older lady who used to melt down a bar of glycerin soap, add milk to it and let it go hard again. This worked well at conditioning tack and keeping it supple but when I tried to make it myself it went mouldy (maybe I didn't use it enough :o )
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    Routine tie back ops?

    What's the general view on tie back ops? Do too many get done as a precaution? I ask because I've heard of racing yards that routinely tie back their horses even if the horse isn't yet showing signs of breathing problems. Reason being to cure a problem before it happens. Would you consider...
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    Mark Todd AirMesh Combo Rug

    Bumping this post as want to know how people are getting on with this rug?
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    Oh goody, another messed-up baby..

    Don't think she will be cheap. This is the sire.
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    How much should a puppy drink?

    Should of put in OP she is on pouch food and her biscuits are soaked as well. So I guess she will learn how much water she actually needs as she gets older? We've not had one this young before but none of the others drank as much as her. ETA she pees probably 3-4 times an hour but sleeps for...
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    How much should a puppy drink?

    Puppy is 9 1/2 weeks old, weighs 2kg and is a Bedlington whippet x saluki greyhound. She has free access to water as old dog has it. She drinks a lot so pees a lot. Is too much a bad thing? Should we limit her intake?
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    HGV Drivers - CPC

    Fab thank you. I don't have to panic just yet then.
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    HGV Drivers - CPC

    Thanks ROG. Does that mean I have until 09/09/2014 to do the CPC or do I need it to transport livery horses now?
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    HGV Drivers - CPC

    Ok thanks, I've just checked and because I passed in July 2009 I just have to do the 35 hours training not the initial qualification so I don't have to do the theory or practical tests. Hope I've got that right.
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    HGV Drivers - CPC

    Ok so I guess that is the Driver CPC not the Operator CPC?