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    Is it ever appropriate to ask for money?

    The only online one I ever use if I choose to donate to something is Just Giving and where it goes direct to a designated charity. Tough as it sounds, unless it is a friend in need nothing would make me send money to an online stranger. I too understood the owners family in this case of...
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    Yard Bully

    Exactly this. Don't give him any further thought OP.
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    Deposits...when its right to keep them

    Unless it was paid subject to vetting and the horse subsequently failed the vet then I feel the seller has every right to hold on to the deposit. Otherwise people could go round willy nilly putting deposits down on horses, preventing other potential buyers seeing them and still pull out.
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    Performance Equestrian: anyone else unable to shop online there??

    We normally phone them up to order. A really good company to deal with and superb products.
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    What do you do with your muck?

    Several people with allotments locally come and collect ours.
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    Polite tabards and your horse

    Mine will be being returned to Equisafety for a refund if it transpires that they are not legal.
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    just sad, is all ...

    So very sorry. To have had such a beautiful horse and friend in your life from his beginning to the day he had to leave you. So very few horses have that, you will never be truly parted x
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    Is anyone else not entirely convinced by the Horse Hoarders plight?

    Could the RSPCA verify they were his horses at his previous dwelling? As the poster on here who was taken there said they reported him to them. And also, have those images been forwarded to Channel 4? Sod follow up programmes about Clwyd skipping off into the sunset, they need to see the...
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    Is anyone else not entirely convinced by the Horse Hoarders plight?

    Cortez you are wrong there. The comment about him keeping the horses came from one of the Admins on that site!
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    Is anyone else not entirely convinced by the Horse Hoarders plight?

    Copied from the FB Page. See comment underneath re keeping the horses t is with great pleasure and gratitude that Jaden Cornelious Fundraising has offered very kindly to accept Paypal donations for and on behalf of the Horse and Owner Help Center registered address: 18 FRIARSMEWS...
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    Got to Dance - Horse Riders

    They were great weren't they. Wonder if the horse mad Mum of one of the girls is an HHO member.
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    Not enough exercise

    The five freedoms include the right for a horse to have turn out.
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    Is anyone else not entirely convinced by the Horse Hoarders plight?

    Have read on FB this morning that a Paypal account has been set up via a non registered charity, because the registered Charity which Michelle has got apparently hasn't got a Paypal account. Like it takes long to set one up? The donations will be used for Clwyd to 'KEEP HIS HORSES'. Eh? I'm...
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    has anyones yard stopped turn out due to the wet?

    We can have our horses out 24/7 but are choosing to have them in for a few hours each day at the moment. There is plenty of grass but I want to know they have got hay in their bellies as well. These conditions worry me for GS or AM and I understand one of the pieces of advice is to feed hay to...
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    2012 disappointments & flops awards

    Yep, agree on both counts!