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    Hampshire people - need your support!! Bridleway related...

    The e petition is now up on FB .
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    Winter Championships/Area Festival Finals report - Hartpury

    Is Sara Jane your trainer ? Shes fab. Very well done xx
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    Veteran Vitality

    My daughters 21 year old looks fantastic on VV and linseed . She looks half her age and is very bright to say the least !
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    Goncalo Carvahlo and Rubi: dressage brains, help a girl out

    I wanted to say that but refrained. Someone I know rides an Iberian horse, she did two tests on the same day, she finished last in one and won the other with not much difference in the two tests. I'm not biased against WB's either! That's what annoys me about dressage, and yes I know it is a...
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    Goncalo Carvahlo and Rubi: dressage brains, help a girl out

    I thought it was delightful, so free and a perfect example of harmony between horse and rider. Compare that with poor Parzival. I'm puzzled too.
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    Our Christmas stuff arrived in March, some didn't arrive at all. Its not just me, I know other people have had hassles with them.
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    I wouldn't order anything again from Equiporium.
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    2nd foal of year born :)

    Lovely foal, seen it on FB, love to all , Lucie xx
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    I do . I was heart broken when Roberto beat him at York.
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    Scary experience this morning :(

    How old is Ruby? My daughter's 20 year old did a very similar thing a few months ago and frightened my daughter to bits. She had the mare blood tested and she was slightly anaemic, she's fine now.
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    Surprise pregnancy

    The head collar worried me a bit too.
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    Stubley Hollow Farm and Clip clop traders...

    Another vote for Emma at Clip Clop traders, have had 2 lovely horses from there.
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    Livery Yards Southampton/Portsmouth/Meon Valley

    Would not touch Exton with a barge pole.Mayhill has restricted turnout but the yard is well run.
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    Sad Post, Your advise please. Not Horse

    Like Pidgeon , I lost my husband 4 days after we were married. I treasure all the wedding cards and mementos people sent are doing a wonderful thing by caring for her horse .X