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    Has anyone any progeny from Butler II Holstein stallion ?

    I have met Butler and he is a nice easy horse, Louise does have some youngsters and they seem to know how to jump a fence, not sure she would ever sell him, things just escalate and she does have a lot of cracking youngsters for sale.
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    thoughts on stallion

    sir shutterfly is at fairlight stud, my friend has a super one by him and buying another soon, nice youngsters to breed eventers
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    Dressage Stallion suggestions

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    Dressage Stallion suggestions

    I have a Sandro Hit stallion and his temperament is 100% he is ridable, easy to handle, and youngster out doing the job they were bred for.
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    stallions suggestions please. Ideally coloured pic

    Aragon s fits your bill!
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    Farco Van Vriesput

    I believe he is with Talbort sports horses now? they have covered a few this year so he should have some on the ground to view next year.
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    Stallion show Hartpury College

    Shirley Light also has 6 stallions booked to go now too!
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    Donations on Facebook to buy a girl a horse...

    What i find very sad is the poor girl has been hounded and bullied, has people coming to her home etc, i just hope your kids dont make an error one day being naive, because i think you have all acting appalling. Yes you allowed and opinion but i think you are all very low.
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    Donations on Facebook to buy a girl a horse...

    Click picture of horse and it tells you, or used to Im Mon Competition Stallions and nothing to hide either.
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    Donations on Facebook to buy a girl a horse...

    I love how you all know the full story and are all hiding behind a fake name???!!!! From what i know of Cng they are honest on their dealing, we all have to make a profit some where??? no different to going to work, they may sell one horse a month £2000 doesnt go far when you have to pay staff...
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    Pedigree Passport without Covering Certificate

    I agree check if stallion is graded first, but i know someone this year who assumed a stallion was graded and was given a printed letter to give to ssh, said stallion wasnt graded but paperwork is given.
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    58 day pregnancy scan, vet not sure??

    sad for you but nice to hear stud honouring their side of thing!
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    Pedigree Passport without Covering Certificate

    yes you can scottish sports horse will do full pedigree in passport.
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    Anyone recommend a stallion ....

    San Liberty or Aragon-s?!
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    Swollen Testicle Mystery

    Are you sure e doesnt have a hole in is ring and a small amount of intestines are coming down??? this can go up and down wen they lie down?