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    Best place to look for second hand kids riding stuff?

    Thanks WelshD, will check the group out!
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    Best place to look for second hand kids riding stuff?

    Just had a look on ebay for some second hand childrens jodphur boots- thought I'd be spoilt for choice given how fast little feet grow but was surprised to find hardly any in the sizes I'm looking for! It's probably just a case of trawling the usual FB, Gumtree, Preloved et al, but I thought...
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    Very very proud mummy post :)

    How lovely! Very well done to your son, he looks so happy!
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    Further to not going according to plan....

    I'm not sure sure the term 'well sat' needs to be taken so literally... I don't think people mean 'that's the perfect example of how to ride xyz nightmare situation' when they say it; more a token comment to say 'I'm glad you didn't fall off'? Maybe that's just me though!? (I definitely would...
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    Quick question re food intolerances and timescales?

    Does anyone know how long dermatitis type food intolerance symptoms can take to show up? Our beautiful little JRT has been shedding a lot more fur than usual over the last few weeks, we put it down to the warm weather or something but it has now reached the point where you can start to see some...
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    Hello East Midlands!

    I'm in Lutterworth :)
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    'The Horse in Art 2012' Exhibition, on in London

    Glad your friend enjoyed it Seafarer! Cathy has some lovely work there this year, her drawing that the won the prize was also shortlisted for Artists & Illustrators magazine 'artist of the year' so she has done brilliantly with it! Mildred has sold at least one of hers already! :D I wish I...
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    'The Horse in Art 2012' Exhibition, on in London

    Hope so! The usual date clashed with the Olympics hence new venue too :) Reminds me, forgot to mention that the whole catalogue can be viewed online too here- (although all the work is so much more impressive in the flesh, some of them are absolutely huge!!).
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    'The Horse in Art 2012' Exhibition, on in London

    I just wanted to bring to peoples' attention this exhibition which is currently on in London, until the 1st December. There are over 200 works on display by leading and emerging equestrian artists; the standard is fantastic this year and with such a wide range of styles, mediums (and...
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    Back in the saddle - jennifer saunders programme....

    Thoroughly enjoyed it, can't wait for next weeks!
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    Juggling baby and horses - can this work?

    It's a thread about juggling babies and horses, people are going to have had different experiences to share. If it was a thread about motherhood in general than I am sure the vast majority of people would be waxing lyrical at length about how incredible it is and how their children are the...
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    Juggling baby and horses - can this work?

    Another one who agrees with Booboos here! I ended up selling my horse when my eldest was 6 months old- he wasn't at all happy to sit cooperatively in a pushchair, never slept longer than about half an hour at a time, and rushing round trying to get all my horsey jobs done while he was...
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    Which sky channel is showing the whole of the XC?

    Not sure about TV but I have been able to watch all the eventing so far live via the Olympic App on my iPhone.
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    Amy Tryon has died.

    Very sad news indeed, her poor family :(
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    Have you given up keeping horses?

    I sold my last horse 3 years ago, when my eldest child was 6 months old. Non-horsey husband, high maintenance baby, and no local family to support us... I struggled to juggle everything, didn't have the time to ride or enjoy my horse so decided I couldn't really justify the time or the money...