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    Test Sheets

    You can get them online at They're available instantly online once you've paid and you can buy the actual BD test sheets to be delivered via post. It also means that you can print out the diagrams of the tests so you can see what the movement is if the wording is...
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    neue schule bits - loose ring

    Whilst the two I've had didn't pinch, I had to buy both 1/4" bigger than normal. It might be worth hiring one to check the fit first. These people are fantastic, great speedy service and very helpful
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    Warming up for dressage/around the arena - your tips :D

    Years ago an instructor of mine gave me the following warm up routine, as my pretty relaxed horse became very tense for dressage. I found this helped quite a lot: To begin with keep on a circle in walk getting him to relax, make changes of rein within the circles - no straight lines...
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    Fleecy/Wool Stuff (on a budget please!)

    Cottage Craft do quite a nice one. I bought a brand new one on ebay a couple of years ago for £10. Equestrian Clearance have them for £22 -
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    Second hand equimats - a how much?

    My horse is out on a trial loan at the moment and things are looking good one week in! Should he remain on loan, I have a stable full of equimats to sell which a kindly livery has offered to buy... but I've no idea how much! I have about 6 and 3/4 mats - I had them cut to fit my unusual...
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    Badminton Trot up Q

    All makes perfect sense. I guess I've just not noticed anyone else other than the rider before (truth is I've not paid that much attention) :)
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    Badminton Trot up Q

    Just out of curiosity, what's the rule for who can trot up the horse. I've been following EWW and H&H twitter from the trot up and one said Ben Hobday was trotting up Claire Lewis' (I think) horse. I'm guessing it's special circs or otherwise grooms would do it?!?!! I tried googling but...
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    Just a few thoughts here, some might seem really silly but its those silly things that can make sharing very annoying/frustrating and lead to the big arguments. Who cleans the tack and when - easy really, but its bloomin annoying to think its been done and you get there to find dirty...
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    horse communicators and reason out the window

    QR My horse was supposed to be Autistic according to the one and only reading I had done. Laughed for ages about that one!! I almost changed his name to Dustin Horseman after Rainman!
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    Advice - dressage test, 1st event

    Aren't the dressage tests run in the arenas at Somerford?
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    self drive horsebox hire

    I looked at the Hooves box last year and it was pretty reasonable - about £100 for a day (iirc 24 hours). They were booked for the date I looked at and have heard on the grape vine they are regularly booked out months in advance, so in this area, seems to be some call for the self drive option...
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    dyeing a sheepskin half pad - has anyone ever done this?

    Just had a quick google and came up with this info about dyeing a sheepskin rug - woudl think the principle is the same? However, looking at these instructions it says leave in direct sunlight - might have to wait a while before we see that anytime soon :D:D:D...
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    Equiporium anyone bought from them?

    Just had a quick look at the site as I hadn't heard of them before and even with 20% off they're kinda pricey aren't they? My very unscientific research on two items tells me that even Mark Todd travel boots can be found £14 cheaper and the Equilibrium Massage pad can be found £80 cheaper...
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    Getting fit for Milton Keynes 3DE

    If you look at the MKEC website under the 3DE there are some useful downloads including a booklet which has a short fitness section. Haven't done this event in nearly 10 years but it's excellent fun!
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    Equilbrium Massage Pad - if they're so good why....

    That's for the magnetic pad not the massage pad. Thanks anyway!