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    Are we really that wrong?

    We had a horse that learnt to rear to avoid anything he doesnt want to do . Its like a temper type thing , he only started doing it when he had settled in and learnt to trust us . I couldnt get richard maxwell , he was too busy so I looked up our nearest Intelligent horsemanship person who duly...
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    Arthritis and Tumeric

    I have been using it on myself and my dogs and horses for nearly 4 years . You do have to feed it right for it to do the best job . One of my little games ponies has nearly a cup full a day , others only have a sprinkle . If it upsets the stomach then it may be too much to start and reduce right...
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    Electric car shock

    I was out the front of ours yesterday and one came past , just didnt realise it was there until the last minute . Thought then how dangerous it was .
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    Fat or in foal

    Just got back from addington and looks like I missed all the fun . What a lovely pair , Mary looks very pleased with herself . Best wishes to you all
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    Accident/pretty shocking driving

    Thank goodness they are doing well . I watched the video very early on not knowing what it was about and I will forever remember those images . Lets hope the police investigations get to the bottom of the cause
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    Judge Rinder - horses and pigs

    I have some wild boar crosses which are pets , most of the horses and ponies I have had here get used to them and learn to ignore them . However one new forest loves them and will give them a good back scratch . I hope your horses are recovering Shell on a beach . the pigs have never been loose...
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    Spring has sprung springs...

    Our TB x was a twit today , so safe normally . Dragged daughter through a tree rather than walk properly . No show tomorrow now little sod .
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    Accident/pretty shocking driving

    I saw it , horrifying . Those poor people and horses . I hope they all make a speedy recovery and that driver gets severely punished . However shocked he was he took so long to do anything .
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    First lorry. Possibly. Any advice

    I love my van conversion , I have had it 4 years . You just have to be very aware of the payload . I mainly use it for ponies but have travelled a 17hh in it on his own . Never had a problem with any horse or pony . You do have to make sure they are well built as some dont have any reinforcement...
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    Equitrek trailers - experiences pls.

    We had one breifly to get our big lad out after he had an accident in a small lorry . He loaded and travelled well from day one . Mine seemed to love it but boy are they heavy . We liked ours and it sold to the first person who looked at it when we moved back to a lorry
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    Adaptil any one used one ?

    Thank you . We have 2 dogs already so just trying to help them all really . She arrived in the uk this morning and spends 2 days at the kennels being checked etc and then we get to meet her . We were on lists for rescues from the uk for over 6 months and nothing suitable . I saw a pictures and...
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    Adaptil any one used one ?

    Thanks , doesnt seem to be worth it . I will just get some rescue remedy at least I know that helps . WorkingGSD she is a 5 month old mutt from romania . She has been bought over from a registered rescue and we fell for her . She is very nervous so we just want to do the best for her . Very...
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    Adaptil any one used one ?

    Hi , has any one used an Adaptil ? They seem very pricey but if they work I dont mind . I have a rescue dog coming on sunday and if I can help her settle easier it might be worth it .
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    Trotting on the road

    If the increase in workload is gradual the horses will grow horn quicker . My kids have hunted barefoot and my daughter is working through the ranks with a TB x ISH, barefoot and very happy with it . Yes he does plenty of roadwork , we dont have a school !!! We have 4 bare , none of them have...
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    Problems taking two to a show

    Thanks people . Both horses hack alone and travel etc perfectly . We were able to leave the mare in the end but the younger horse was just calling and calling . He rears so it got too dangerous so we unloaded all of them and OH just had to stand and hold him . He didnt stop calling . Luckily...