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    Livery/grazing near Bridgwater

    Hi, I’m looking for livery for 2 geldings, or stables and grazing for rent or sale, near Bridgwater. Preferably near Cannington/ Nether Stowey/ Holford. Thanks
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    Difference between two control halters

    Another vote for the Dually halter. Well worth the investment and something you can use as a normal halter when you don't want the control action. I am only a slight 5''3 and when we got our 17hh 5 year old ID last year he had no manners and would happily pull me around. Got the Dually, had some...
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    Trakenher advice

    Thanks everyone for your comments and advice. I don't like to pigeon hole horses by breed, as they are all individuals, but the comments here seem to sum up what we were thinking and what some other people have said to me.Great competition horses, but can be sharp and sensitive. If this was just...
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    Is anyone happy with what they have got?

    Yes, very happy ATM. Rode my lovely cob for the first time in 9 months following illness and then surgery for a brain tumour. You can't wipe the smile off my face. Got to build up my riding fitness slowly, but already planning training and comps for the spring. And looking for a new horse for my...
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    Trakenher advice

    Hi, we are currently looking for a new horse for my husband to ride and have found a lovely 16hh Trakehner x TB. We need a horse who is keen to compete up to BE100 but also happy and relaxed when out hacking. We are a little bit cautious because we have had no past experience of Trakenhers. Can...
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    Riding trousers for men

    Can anyone recommend riding trousers for men as my OH wants a new pair for Christmas. He has a pair of Equetech ones that he bought about 18 months ago, but they don't seem to be on their website now. He doesn't like jodhpurs, but likes riding trousers as he can wear them with chaps and his...
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    Indoor school with show jump hire? Somerset / Dorset / Wiltshire

    Cannington College, near Bridgwater?
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    Becoming a vet- help

    Tell her to ask her own vets for some work experience time - they are usually quite helpful for people who want to study. Not just needed for vet school application but also just so that she can go and see the reality of working in practice - and to talk to the other staff. It's not all fluffy...
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    DIY Livery Yard - Taunton

    I think Mill house Equestrian is for sale; and avoid Comeytrowe like the plague - I don't think they do DIY anyway.
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    18 teeth pulled out by my vet!

    Dentastix are full of sugar - I was told it was the equivalent of giving a child a mars bar every day. For tartar control a hard crispy Bonio is just as good (and far healthier) or a raw hide chew. To the op, whilst very distressing for you at the moment, once her mouth has healed your dog...
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    Found the ideal livery yard - happy post!

    very happy for you - hope it all works out for you. It sounds perfect. I too am desperate to move yards - going to see another local one next week. So far every place I have looked at has something wrong with it. It has got to the point that I have told my OH that if I can't move soon I...
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    lying/ exagerating..more common in the horse world?

    Yes, on our yard we always tell new owners not to believe a word the YO says. She is a pathological liar, but not just about horsey stuff but also personal stuff about people in the village. It is a very small village 'though, and she has become very unpopular for spreading untrue rumours about...
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    horse "not right"

    I would get his back checked by a proper physio and then also his saddle.
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    Festival footwear

    Well it is currently as dry as a bone in Somerset, but that will all change as Glastonbury approaches I'm sure. I would buy cheap as possible wellies, so that if you lose them it will not be end of the world. I like Countrywide own brand.
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    I am sure this has been covered many times... How much do you pay for a set of shoes?

    Somerset - brilliant farrier and £66 for full set.