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    Is this fab new yard near you !!!!!

    I personally don't think it looks that incredible, nor anything special. The stables look nice, so does the outdoor, but the rest of the place (incl. the indoor) look a little tired.
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    Desperately needed....livery in maidstone area

    Thank you- I had just watched the remake of Starsky and Hutch when I joined and one of the characters is called Huggy Bear. I thought it was cute. I added the Miss at the beginning because someone thought I was a guy. lol.
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    Desperately needed....livery in maidstone area

    Gosh, what is with all the nastiness on this site? When did it downgrade into vulchers just waiting for a chance to tear someone apart? BH. I am not in your area, can't offer you any real help I am sorry, but I really hope you find a place for your horse as soon as possible.
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    Check your MP's expenses claims on this site

    £148, 685. £2785 of which is for his spouse's travel. Back in 2002 he was at £105,759.
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    HHO in the sun newspaper

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] I love that book. Haha. [/ QUOTE ] Ohh me too! Bloody good entertaining read with horses to boot,score Loved Polo too [ QUOTE ] Well, we might get some new visitors with the national press we're getting! [/ QUOTE ] And wont they be suprised at what goes on? Or maybe...
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    HHO in the sun newspaper

    I love that book. Haha. Well, we might get some new visitors with the national press we're getting!
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    Katie Price's mystery man is Spencer Wilton!

    [ QUOTE ] You watch, tomorrow's front page news...(this is a complete fabrication of any truth and I do hope that no one takes any umbridge with me for it - tongue firmly in cheek ALL the way) Spencer's Love Triangle Woes There was drama in the elite Dressage world last night as Carl Hester...
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    I have just lost everything

    All I can say is remember that your horses and people were safe. I am so sorry, I can not think of anything to say good enough. ((()))
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    What's all this about? Daily Mail on Phoebe Buckley and Zara Phillips

    [ QUOTE ] I think some people are missing the point a bit tbh. IMHO, the article simply uses Zara as a direct comparison, because of who she is. I don't think she is being portrayed badly. It's a feel good story, that will hopefully, inspire every hard working rider out there, and give them...
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    Gray's found Guilty

    I am so glad to hear it. Justice for the animals for once. I hope the judge follows through with a suitable sentence. If no jail time then a permanent ban on keeping any animals would be a good start.
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    My first controversial post

    QR You're right: People do have a right to choose. It is fact. With it not being law for an adult either way, you are allowed to make your own decision. I can't dispute that. However, I NEVER ride without a hat. When I was younger, I fell off a level, three feet high off the ground, and I...
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    Ok, ok, Now, seriously. Caption competition?

    With winter fast approaching, and the credit crunch leaving little money, Derek found a novel way to rug his horses.
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    British Breeding- Where is the largest market and customer base?

    I was wondering whether there was any date as such. Do any of the large breed or discipline societies collate and release information like that? Does anyone take note?
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    Do you own an unusual breed?

    Having read Jobo's post in PG, about the lovely Badger the Fjord, I just wondered does anyone else on the forum own an unusual or rare breed?