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    Feeling so down, need support.

    I could have written your original post. I've had my mare 4 years and she still wants to test the boundaries, is still opinionated - and it took be a long while to be comfortable that I knew what her reactions are limited to. She's a bit like yours - doesn't buck/rear/bolt, but does fall in or...
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    Turnout boots help

    My mud-fever prone monster wears premier equine turnout boots in autumn/winter - usually just on hind legs but she has had to wear them in front after the odd self-harming episode. Would recommend - they seem to be working so far (touch wood) and dont slip. I do have three pairs for the whole...
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    Temporary moves?

    Thanks all. I've been worrying about a short term, fairly long distance move, not being fair on him - for me I would say 6 weeks is not worth it, one year is worth the move... but struggling to work out where the tipping point is. My current yard is fairly large and I could give plenty of...
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    Temporary moves?

    How long is an acceptable time to move your horse for? My circumstances (and another thread) have got me thinking about temporary moves. I have had to temporarily relocate (for various non-horse reasons) and so far my horse has stayed at his current full livery yard. I trust them completely...
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    Tell we what you see , besides a lame pony

    I'm in two minds whether to write this or not as I can see you're having a really tough time already and really don't want to add to it - but do you know which of the vets at Bell is doing your workup? There are some very good vets there but also some that I wouldn't use for a lameness workup...
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    Hello! I'm moving to Ireland in a month or so & my horse will follow shortly afterwards... wondering who people use for insurance in Ireland? I'm looking for vet fees cover as well as death, public liability etc - google hasn't been very helpful as mostly returns uk insurers! Thanks!
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    Livery in Chelsfield

    I can't help with chelsfield specifically but I can recommend a yard not too far from there if you would be interested - its maybe 15 mins away. I'm a livery there.
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    Not sure if I have bought the right horse

    I would also ditch the saracens balancer, sent mine bananas! Not from day 1 either, the behaviour got incrementally worse so wasn't as noticeably feed related. Taking her off it definitely made a difference though. I personally would stick at it with him - but get as much professional help as...
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    Dressage riders - Clare/surrounding counties

    thanks so much mule! limerick would def be do-able...
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    Dressage riders - Clare/surrounding counties

    Hi, looking for some suggestions/recommendations... my husband is Irish and his family circumstances mean that a move to Ireland could be on the cards for us. He's from Clare - so my question for you lovely people is - are there any dressage instructors in the area/within reasonable distance to...
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    Coffin Joint Arthritis

    Yes, mine has arthritis in pasterns and coffins, diagnosed in november. She's not had the joints injected but has not long had her second dose of tildren. There was also ligament involvement, so has had hyaluronic acid and cartophen, and is shod with rolled toes to aid with the breakover point...
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    Those on full livery...

    Mine are on what my YO calls training livery - so all care done by yard plus up to 4 days a week exercising/lessons for me. I go up weekends and on my day off in the week, and the odd day i work from home. It works for us - one needs rehab daily that I just can't fit in around work. The other...
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    Recovering mentally from a fall - advice

    Book a lesson and have a quick drink before - the alcohol will help you relax, listening to the instructor will help keep your mind off the what-ifs. And don't put off getting back on, the longer you leave it the more your worries will grow & the harder it will be to get back to normal...
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    We did it!!! we moved!!

    Late to the party as usual but... yay! Really pleased for you and him. Both on the move and your growing confidence - isn't it interesting how much of our confidence/happiness feeds off theirs... and yet when you're in a bad situation it can be so hard to see.
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    What do you hate that everyone else loves?

    People who use 'company' and 'business' as if they are the same thing. Probably more 'things i hate that no one else cares about' than something anyone loves but still. Onions. Horsey 'dramas'. Maybe its just my yard but everyone seems to love over-exaggerating... eg 'your horse was awful...