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    Horse shopping help??

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    What do you feed your natives?

    If he's OK when the grass is good then I would be tempted to just feed him good grass pellets in the winter:
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    Horse shopping help?? I'll say no more.
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    Anyone tolerant enough to answer a pretty daft question?

    Haven't been on here for years and then come on and find this thread! What's done is done and the OP as a new breeder needs non-judgmental advice now and going forwards. Alec is spot on - OP I would suggest you get a vet out to scan your mare to check that there is just the one if indeed she...
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    Just added up the costs this year!

    I share a rather good eventer and one of her offspring. The other one I own outright. Because I share 2 of them I know exactly down to the last penny what they cost me because I pay all the bills and then bill my 'partner' for her share at the end of every month. I can tell you that it costs...
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    Opinions on this horse please

    I'd love to see photos of all the horses that people on this thread own just to see all the perfect specimens that they wisely invested in and how successful they all have become.....just out of interest. I've bought some really badly put together ponies in the past who have been very good for...
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    Pro competes your horse: what do you do with the winnings?

    I have a pro competing my horse. We split prize money and the horse keeps any prizes in kind - rugs etc.. I pay everything including a rider fee at comps. I get the rosettes and cups. It goes without saying that I would have no chance of getting any of these if I rode my own horse.......and I'd...
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    Problem with Pony Stallion

    He probably has sarcoids. You can get rid of them by cleaning his teeth.
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    Broodmare rug...

    I actually agree with the no rug answer. My 3 are all heavy in TB blood and grow super woolly coats and just don't need rugs. In fact - if you rug a woolly bear with a lightweight rug you may actually make the situation worse as you remove the ability for the piloerector muscles to raise the...
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    AES stallion gradings-can anyone give me the low down please.

    I suspect that Breeders Elite may end up WFBSH accredited and I have great respect for Henk. I would not, however, register, license or grade a young stallion (or mare) with them as they are not yet accredited and my suspicion may well be wrong. Why take the risk if you don't have a personal...
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    Opinions on this horse.

    It's not that hard to see the horse is uneven and unbalanced. Why that is is harder to say. I agree though that it doesn't sound as if you really want this type and the cost of keeping him would be money you could be saving until what you actually want comes along. It's a rotten time of year to...
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    Do you take colour into account when choosing a stallion?

    I breed for eventing and couldn't give two hoots what colour they are! Having said that I am very interested in colour genetics and am sorely tempted to get my bay mares colour tested to see what their colour genotype is - purely for interest. I honestly would say that when choosing stallions...
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    Please tell me these aren't what I think they are - sarcoids :(

    Don't worry if they multiply and get bigger over the next few months even. My 2 yr old looked soooo ugly last year - covered in the blighters for about 3 months. Then they just fell off and were gone within a few weeks. You're right to keep an eye though as sarcoids are best treated aggressively...
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    What do you do with your 2yo's?

    Nope - nothing more. You're doing great and they have years ahead of them so let them be horses. Mixed herd is best education ever. Plenty of time for them to learn everything else.
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    All nice stallions - can we have a pic of your mare......?