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    Anyone have a horse by windgap blue?

    There's at least 3 by him over there!!! As an aside, I actually competed Windgap when he was a young horse
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    Opinions on sons of Cruising and Master Imp at stud?

    The one other that escapes you is the rather phenomenal Hermes De Reve! Nations Cup horse, GP winner, sire of international eventers and showjumpers and half brother to Pacino
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    Arabs don't jump do they?

    Alec, good to hear from you too amigo. What email did you send it to? Hotmail or Gmail? I'd love to have a look for you!
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    clover brigade

    What? When? Why has no one mentioned this before?
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    Arabs don't jump do they?

    I love the sheer scale of generalization that goes on in posts like this!
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    ISH breeders - Ireland

    Ireland is awesome! Good choice
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    Breeding; The practicalities.

    We're horse breeders. We're in this for the long haul. To make sure the next generation is better than the last. This isn't the place to make a quick buck. We're gamblers with an addiction!
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    How to gate price of cardento foal please!!

    What you have in that filly is a nice bit of what our thoroughbred friends would refer to as "black type" in the damline. Even if she never competes and just goes breeding at 3, it's still a strong damline and the odds of producing successful competition horses from her are stacked in your...
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    How to gate price of cardento foal please!!

    When you're asked to bid, it's sometimes because the owner doesn't want to scare you away with what (s)he thinks the foal is worth/isn't sure what to ask. If it were my foal and out of a mare with that performance and by Cardento then recession or not, if she wasn't making €10k there's a...
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    King of Diamonds Irish draught

    When the two of the best ID stallions ever, Clover Hill and KOD himself, wouldn't get in as Grade 1 stallions today, you know something is gone pear shaped!! Irish Draughts ... a type. Not a breed. The best ID stallion? Sea Crest obviously! Why? Look below ;-)
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    Future Trend Stallion

    What Gadetra said! He is indeed with Kennedys. They have a proper roster of stallions down there!
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    Future Trend Stallion

    No point looking up Tinarana, they're gone! I'll find out where Future Trend is now and get back to you
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    Jackson's Drift

    A friend of ours actually stood him in Clara View before moving to France and sending Jackson's Drift down to Clare. I'd say we had as many horses by him through here as any yard in the country.
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    Flagmount King/Clover Hill mare - stallion?

    I think myself from having a bit of Flagmount King breeding in the yard here, that if were my mare, I'd use a commercial thoroughbred stallion and hope for a filly. Probably the best thoroughbred stallion in Britain I can think of off the top of my head is Power Blade. It's such a pity he's not...
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    What are the biggest Irish Draught showing competitions in Ireland

    I'd imagine the Limerick Lady classes are geared towards draughts as well