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    Best rat traps?

    I've never seen terriers in action, but have heard about how efficient they are when it comes to a rat massacre. We forget dogs used to be bred for specific jobs! They're good at their job and they love it. I have to say, whenever I see decking on a house I think "RATS".
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    Jockeys & masks

    I wonder if they'd slipped down and the jockey didn't want to take a hand off the reins to try and push it back up. They do look awfully hot and impractical (for sport), but I'm sure they'll put up with it for the sake of a partial return to normality. Looking forward to the Guineas this weekend.
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    Odd horse names

    If I ever become a millionaire I would breed racehorses and give them the rudest names I could get past Weatherbys. My non-horsey partner is being trained up, but insists if I'm allowed a horse (which will most likely be of the hairy cob/native persuasion, it be named...…Groovejet….
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    What exercise do you do to stay riding fit?

    I am really missing going swimming (at my workplace) 3 times a week. I do a ballet workout DVD which is good for overall suppleness, balance and core strength; apparently some top footballers rate ballet highly for fitness. You certainly don't see any lardy ballerinas or gymnasts.
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    Alternatives to a Dales Pony

    Can I just say that this should be the title of your memoirs.
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    Covid redundancy

    In the UK they are currently advertising for adult social care workers. I would have thought your professional skills with children could transfer well to another care context. Someone who has the patience to work with kids and all the associated responsibility should be very employable...
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    Daily yard attire

    This! I only go to a yard for RDA volunteering, but I wear charity shop trousers and my oldest jumper. I'm always puzzled by people wearing decent stuff, especially the kind of fabric that hay clings to. Surely horses can tell it's new/nice and make a point of dribbling on/or rubbing their...
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    Anyone just can’t/hasn’t achieved their horsey dreams...

    i was a pony-mad-but-pony-less kid, avidly devouring all the books about the girl with the cheap pony beating the poshos at the local show; having a pony that lived in the field next to your house that came when you called its name; a horse that only you could ride because you had such a special...
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    Tell me about the Percheron breed

    Apparently the French government are really pro-active in supporting their rare breeds with grants/subsidies etc. Percherons are probably the best known, but I think there are other French and Belgian heavy breeds that are a bit more compact and are surprisingly versatile.
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    Updated BHS advice on Covid 19

    We have to find the balance between reducing transmission risk and keeping small businesses afloat. There's no precedent for this, so there will be a sense of muddling along at first. I'm acutely aware how lucky I am to still be employed; and during lockdown I've actually saved significant...
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    Sold my horse and new owner is a nightmare

    OP, I hope you've blocked both numbers from your phone now. They're either a pair of idiot individuals, or it was a combined scam attempt. There were other interested buyers so the horse is clearly saleable and has a future if the YO has to sell him on. Always worth checking if your home...
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    Too scared to ride my horse

    This "advice" clearly hasn't worked, so you can politely disregard it and start seeking professional opinions. This is an issue to be solved by a methodical review of all possible causes (tack, diet, health eg ulcers) and lots of patience and back to basics.
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    Horse behaving oddly....

    Worth getting his vision checked if he's become jumpy with routine tasks?
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    Do i pay or not pay?

    Yes I would pay, but I would politely suggest to the Yard Owner that this be included in monthly livery fees going forward, with a clear costs breakdown so there are no disgruntled feelings in future.
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    Why are people like this?

    No washing stations or sanitiser for trolleys/baskets at my local supermarket yesterday. I take my own hand gel. I don't drive so have to go weekly as I can only physically carry a week's worth of supplies. People were mostly being sensible with distancing. Fans of the local football team have a...