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    Over reach boots with sheepskin...recommend me!

    I have the lemieux ones are they are lovely however my 15.3hh fine tb had to have large and they only just fit!! ;/
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    xc colours YHL

    I love my nagrags set :)
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    What do you think about Hunter Trial prizes

    I wish HT around here were £18; Last one was £25 (rossies to 6th) and the one before £28 (rossies to 10th and prizes for 1-3) When i've been joint placed, they've always had several rossies for that position x
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    Any suggestions regarding runny bum??

    Aloe vera? X
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    What's the best or worst prize that you have won

    I won a badminton dvd lol
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    speeding up XC?

    Great advice. I have a quick horse but lose time setting up cos shes a tad nutty and always get time penalties! Lots to practice before next comp! Thanks guys :)
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    Our first xc - a day of ups and downs with a rather painful ending

    Thanks :) On one hand i was pleased as the fences were frickin' huge but on the other just gutted cos that fence was one if the easiest on course lol. Still, how lucky were we with the ground and weather? :) results are online now :)
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    Our first xc - a day of ups and downs with a rather painful ending

    Whats next? :) I did the 3ft-3ft3; my pony is 22 and a tad wild and she jumped fab until fence before water where she jumped it so huge that i couldnt get a goid line to the jump into water so she stopped (?) which was a bit weird then jumped it from trot then flew rest of course. We came 8th :)
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    Our first xc - a day of ups and downs with a rather painful ending

    Oh dear, sorry to hear that! I was there competing too. Hope youre both ok xx
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    XC rounds how many is acceptable?

    Were you at fairoak? X
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    recommend bandages

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    Quick Q : How much are you charging for clipping this year?

    I charge £30 for a full (half head and legs left on) and £25 for a blanket etc etc
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    recommend bandages

    Keeneland Polo bandages are my all time fave :)
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    thermatex rugs

    I have the theatex exercise rug snd its brill. Howevera few years ago, i bought a P.E version of a thermy rug for £25 and its been amazing. No idea why they dont sell them anymore!!!
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    Horrendous fall at south of England

    Oh my gosh, how horrible. R.i.p Larry