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    Sheath cleaning

    I would use this service - but sadly I am too far away
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    Riders in Lincolnshire

    I live in Bourne - haven't competed anywhere yet, but have heard of Sissons.
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    Advise on cleaning geldings bits

    baby oil - I squirted some on his chap the other day and now it is shiny and clean (he was a bit surprised at the time) only needed a quick 'brush off' with a gloved hand.
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    napping-what should I do?!??!

    I have an ex-racer - will be a year next month - he naps from time to time. I put it down to lack of confidence - we spent half an hour standing in a field once. I don;t hack out much and am planning to do more this summer, but it has been a learning curve for me as he is very sensitive and...
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    Treeless saddles opinions please

    I have a barefoot cheyenne and I love it - fits lovely on my high withered TB
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    Anyone own/used this wheelbarrow??

    I have one of those wheelbarrows - took a bit of getting used to steering wise and can be a bit awkward to empty - but other than that i love it - I can muck out the stable in one barrow load!
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    Confidence! How long did it take you?

    I am still waiting to find mine! I have had my ned for 9 months and my stomach flutters every time. I just don't know him well enough to trust him yet. On the ground we are perfect together.
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    Sharers-How much do you pay?

    I used to just pay for a set of shoes every six weeks when I shared a horse and he was mine to do with what i pleased - I didn't have to muck out but I did at the weekend to be helpful.
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    I was amazed..................................

    my gelding pees as soon as he gets into his clean stable, so i stuck a bucket under him to catch the pee and he didn't bat an eyelid - I do it when I remember but he is so fast that I am not quick enough with my bucket!
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    Anyone wanting a light weight turnout??

    I got one of those a month or so ago - its great - all my rugs are Premier Equine.
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    Horse not helping regain my confidence

    I am afraid of the situation getting worse. I have never been a nervous rider up until now - I was riding a horse for someone before I decided to get my own and I was never afraid on him, I used to hack for miles and go anywhere and gallop without a second thought - I trusted him instantly the...
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    Horse not helping regain my confidence

    yes, a TB probably wasn't the most sensible choice but I fell in love with him and at the time didn't realise my confidence had taken such a bad knock - before the bolting incident I would of ridden anything and galloped off into the horizon without a second thought! He was better in the...
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    Horse not helping regain my confidence

    Thank you for all your replies. He is ridden in a bitless bridle (has a dodgy tooth, would need to be removed if wanted to rde in a bit again, cos dentist reckons it would always be catching as the gap is so small) and has a treeless saddle (yes, I am a hippy! heh heh) - his back was checked a...
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    Horse not helping regain my confidence

    I bought my first horse after a long break of owning my own horse - he is a 14 year old TB. I bought him last May. We have built up a good relationship, he is an angel to handle on the ground, albeit he was a bit nervous in the beginning, as was I - I hacked him out without any problems and...
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    Premier Equine....

    I love Premier Equine - all my rugs are from them and they are all good quality and fit really well. I am even more happy because I managed to get most of them when they were having sales so I paid £40 for a lightweight turnout with a detachable neck, and the same again for a medium weight...