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    Pony club for over 16s?

    If it is a branch that have riders at her standard and do the progressive tests then yes she will get lots out of it - again, a good instructor should make sure she does. Our branch has several girls older than 17. You can join PC up to the age of 21 and provided you do you can stay a member...
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    Price of 5* vetting in Scotland

    I would say that's about right.
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    2 acres, how to manage for 2 horses?

    I have mine split into 3. One currently not in use at all and won't be until summer. Managing the other two, weeks on and off and will get them harrowed etc in Spring when the horses will move onto the part that was kept so the other two bits get a short change to recover.
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    Clipping - is it too late?

    I clipped last weekend.
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    Just captured the moment

    Fabulous piccie :D
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    advice on towing please ,urgent

    Try not to brake, gear down first, much smoother for the horse. Travel on right hand side and make sure the trailer is all checked over before you go.
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    Need some good vibes please (what a horrible day)

    Oh my what a poop day. Can only send some hugs and maybe a stiff drink :(
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    ''Caution Young Horse'' tabards

    I would have thought all you were doing was making a statement that someone to take as they will, I think you would be admitting liability if it said 'Young Horse likely to Spook' or something like that but I thnk all your tabbard is stating really is caution.
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    Do you have a photo that sums up you and your horse/your time with horses?

    Not ridden ones but here is one of me and my two boys that make me so happy :D
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    Sconefaces!!! :D :D :D
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    Trailer Safety

    Rob, my brother provides this service in Scotland - he is a qualified HGV mechanic and he goes to shows and does trailer inspections whilst people are competing, he also does twice yearly trailer services and has a number of customers - the particularly like that he goes to them as he is mobile.
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    Horse Bending in the Incorrect Direction When Schooled- Help

    Agree with the spiralling circle, also open out your inside hand and reduce this as he bends in the correct direction, gives him an indication this is the place to be.
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    Pelham - Roundings or Double Reins?

    Ditto above.
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    Stable Builders - Scotland

    Milligans in Ayr without a shadow of a doubt, built mune 15years ago, they are still great and have since built some of my friends too.