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    Waterproof fly rugs?

    It's soon that time of year when the midges are out. We are stables next to a brook so it gets really bad. Can anyone recommend a fly rug with a waterproof stop over the back for those cooler/showery days? So horse is still dry to ride but protected from midges?
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    Grooming Brushes

    See I don't rate the Haas brushes- for their price they don't do anything more than my regular ones. In fact I have a lovely goat hair body brush that produces a better shine and it was only £9.99
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    Help- gelding obsessed with one particular mare

    I have a rising three year old. He's a really chilled out character in general. I've had him a year and In that time he's been turned out with mares/next to mares and with gelding and currently a colt of the exact same age. The yard I'm at had originally put him in a paddock next to a mare...
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    Swish rugs

    Love, love my swish rugs. I've never had a problem with them leaking or falling apart. They are decent, mid-range rugs.
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    Which Haas brushes do I really need?

    Can anyone explain what each brush aims to do? When you read about the brushes they don't actually explain - I have a budget of £40 so which two would I need for a Welsh D bay?
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    Yet another weight question. 14.1 Haffy cross

    There are so many factors. Length of back/ and therefore size of saddle that can be accommodated for- bigger riders often need larger saddles that small compact types can't take. Height of rider and therefore centre of balance will be more tricky. My youngster is a Welsh cob so a bit...
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    Will Hunt backing & schooling: anyone used him? Feedback please?

    I wouldn't send a horse near him. I always say that trainers who need to advertise do so because they don't have enough custom by word of mouth.... You need to ask yourself why! (He pays for a sponsored page on FB for example) A friend sent her horse to him and said it was a big mistake.
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    The usual Yard A yard B question..

    See the way I see it yard A is inadvertently restricted- coming in at 2pm means if you add up all the stables hours in a year it would actually be fairly similar to having 24/7 turnout in summer and two months on 3 day a week turnout?
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    The usual Yard A yard B question..

    See I'm for yard B. I hate having money worries and that would make me feel both guilty and unhappy spending it on my horse. £300 is what I paid for part livery. If what you said is true that it's only 2 months of the year that it's restricted to 3 days a week that's not bad- I've been on...
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    Before I go ahead, am I being fair enough?

    Thanks guys- I've just left her a message on her phone (no answer) letting her know and asking for her details to drop the money over- hopefully she won't be too annoyed with me as may need the yard end of January!
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    Before I go ahead, am I being fair enough?

    Last month I went to look round a yard for my 2 year old due to issues with current yard (love the yard just not the set up for when my baby will be born in the middle of winter) Anyway, said to YM of new yard that id like to move first weekend of September. However, last weekend an...
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    Cattybrook Bristol. Any experiences?

    Friend went to see one for her daughter last summer. Nice but about £2k overpriced. They didn't buy it as didn't feel it warranted the £4K price tag (their max budget was £4K) the main rider was quite a strong rider who 'held' the gelding in a lot and in reality it's schooling wasn't great just...
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    Bespoke Hack up

    Not actually very bespoke! It's a good gimmick mind. I used it for 12 months didn't make an ounce of difference and expensive too- why did I try it for so long? I wanted to know if the seasons were having an impact on the grass and if the supplement would regulate it. Nope. I tried the bespoke...
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    Boots has arrived!!

    Too cute!!!!!!! Such a love 😍
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    Effects of a Change of Yard

    Yes. I had a lovely youngster who was generally mega chilled. My instructor used to describe him as a horse you could put your Gran on! I moved him into full livery and it was like I'd shipped a different horse there- he snapped his leadropes pulling back, was so so so unsettled to ride...