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    Scriptwriter -racehorse

    OK, first thing, coherent sentences please. Secondly, You are kidding me, right? If they are dangerous, then have them shot!! My god.....I am actually speechless.
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    Neem oil

    Just do a patch test first, it's strong stuff, some horses have been known to react to it. That said, I make my own little cuts n scrapes balm using neem(keeps flies off little wounds etc) and haven't had a problem. I also use it in the pony's ears as a fly repellent as he doesn't like sprays...
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    JT McNamara in induced coma following fall at Cheltenham

    Such an horrendous time for all JT's family/friends/colleagues. It must have been so very difficult for the guys to go out and ride, celebrating winners etc knowing how ill JT was/is. I just hope he can make a full recovery, but it's hard to be positive given the severity of his injuries.
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    cool stance copra vs linseed

    Coolstance Copra meal is lower in energy than linseed so I doubt it'd help in terms of weightgain for your pony. :)
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    More tack advice

    Hey Dilbert Pony had masses of fun! My friend rode him for me this time as she has more experience than I, and it was his first time. My daughter's going to take him on the amble they have in July, she'll be none jumping too then. Just to chip in a sec, I've got a hanging cheek waterford...
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    More tack advice

    No advice I'm afraid, but just wanted to say my boy went for his first proper hunt yesterday with the Readyfield too. He only did the first line, was knackered by the end of it, bless him.
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    Oh god... It's raining again...

    Our yard flooded yesterday, 2 acre paddock is a lake, other fields are not fields but more giant mud baths. Horses all in as the stables and yard are so far dry, but if we have any more rain, we're up the creek, literally. Just to add the yard is situated on the banks of a river and this is...
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    Why dont they cradle horses coming round from a GA?

    It's on Tuesday evenings at 8pm(same time as Holby) on Channel 5:)
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    Thought on whips?

    Oh there was a bit about, the bint that got the individual dressage silver a prime example. Anyway, as to the OP and the question of whips. I carry one, I will use 1, I don't need to justify why.
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    What do you feed your horses that would be frowned upon ...

    Pony does like a cup of tea, white with 1 :D He won;t go near coffee though:rolleyes:
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    What do you guys think of this re fast fibre?

    I highly doubt there will be any NaOH left in the end product.
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    hacking in company blows his brain!

    I have a similar issue with my boy, although his problem is more when we go into canter in company(even just one other horse in front has him broncing til he can get infront), trotting and walking he's ok if a little strong. The only thing that we can do with him is keep doing it, til he is...
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    Rolf Harris channel 5 8pm horse with colic

    Ah bugger, it clashes with Holby. Ne'er mind, I'll watch Holby on catch up :D Thanks Pat :)
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    Feed help!

    Agree with TGM here.....if he'll be having ad lib forage you probably won't need anything else. :)
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    Rolf Harris channel 5 8pm horse with colic

    Is this a new programme, or one that's being repeated? Not that it matters, cos I probably won't remember the original if it's a repeat anyway :D