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    Looking for a lab

    I live on a farm - when they came to check me they got no further then the garden - they just said 'this is Labrador heaven' never even got inside the house! :biggrin3: I think they have a more realistic approach to rehoming - they recognise a 'good' home without there being 6 foot fences etc...
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    Looking for a lab

    Agree with Labrador Rescue - my Lab from there has a working pedigree - his father and grandfather were field trials champions :) - he is a great dog :)
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    Mobile livery around Melton Mowbray

    Where near Melton are you and when are you away? :confused3: :)
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    Lost our precious boy yesterday

    Bless him - sleep well lovely boy :) RIP Bailey :frown3: they take a piece of your heart with them :frown3: he will have plenty of much loved friends to greet him :)
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    Stamford/Wittering People

    Sure no problem :)
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    Stamford/Wittering People

    Where exactly are you going to be living? I know a few yards round there but the travelling would be a consideration down lanes etc especially in the winter as some would be impossible without a 4x4 :) Personally I wouldn't keep a horse at Grange Farm :( Would deffo second Roger and Tower...
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    Dressing up dogs

    Is totally wrong.......:mad3: Would never catch me doing that to mine no sireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee........................:biggrin3:
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    Lovely boy :) Much love xxx
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    RIP Sweep

    He has gone today :( We had 15 long years together - am totally heartbroken Love you always little man xxx Sleep well and see you again xxx Can't make the photo...
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    Low Level Lami?

    No such thing a low grade lami - it either is or isn't - I would treat as laminitic as there will be pain :frown3:
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    So glad you had support on such a hard day:frown3: This forum never ceases to amaze me with the kindness and generosity that is shown to virtual strangers in their time of need :) cbmcts has shown that today :)
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    I can totally understand your anger Jessica but you showed him love and kindness which is what he knew up until his last minute :) DO NOT beat yourself up over what happened before you can only do what you do at the time - and you DID the right thing for Prince :) And cmbcts does indeed need...
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    RIP Prince :( Jessi so sorry to hear this - you gave the lovely boy love and comfort and care in his last days and he wasn't suffering anymore - that is what matters. Many hugs to you xxx
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    Animal Crackers BBC

    I watched a bit - saw the bit were someone said that by making them a 'poo' dog the puppies were worth double - she then laughed and said it was silly as they were really just mongrels..... :rolleyes3::mad3: Turned over then:mad3:
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    St Sweep

    Thanks Spudlet :(