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    My next equine project horse

    Oh Ted you are indeed a splendid fellow now. Look how you've grown into your skin ��However green snot is not a great look so get on and get properly recovered. Thank you for putting up a recent photo AA
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    My next equine project horse

    Join Date Oct 2017 Post I've taken a small (3 year) break from HHO, forgot my passwords and email account, got a new login, caught up on the Ted story with utmost priority but..... I can't see any of the pictures :'( """ Hi fellow returnee.. I've just done exactly the same as you. Dug out...
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    Hello after long silence.

    What allowed yourself to be talked into buying a horse by forum �� Could do worse I suppose as there's a lot of experienced people on hand. Great that it worked out. Hope the sarcoids clear up.
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    Hello after long silence.

    Faracat are you doing ? Ohh like the pussy cat.
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    I decked it and am feeling a bit sorry for myself this morning!

    I took a similar dive a few years ago but unfortunately I was still nicely seated in the saddle when we both crashed to earth. With us it was an oncoming motorbike who made no effort to ease off the throttle and tarmac and metal shoes are not a good recipe when fast spinning TB is involved. Hope...
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    Hello after long silence.

    Only dogs now I'm afraid. I put riding on hold due to my concern that the horse I was being given was overdue for retirement. Dipped back and very stiff in the shoulders and took ages to warm up. Unfortunately as she always behaved with me and I handled her well I didn't get any other choice. I...
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    Hello after long silence.

    Finally found password and though I'd pay a quick visit and see what's happing in HHO world. Caught up on Adorable Alice and Ted adventure. They're all grown up now! Seems a bit quieter here than it used to be though. All well in our life. Cyprus Sam has become a veritable paragon of virtue...
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    Horse bolts when mounting

    I had an ex racer as a share once and he was a pain to mount. The saddle he had was too small plus he had a bit which was 3/4" too big. He would fidget and fuss and as soon as you were on he'd dash forwards then when I stopped that he'd run backwards. He took off with me one day when I was half...
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    Introductory Post...Hello All!

    Welcome and I hope you enjoy and get loads of support.
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    Aggressive dog issues

    However we chose to refer to or name them there are good people about who do understand how dogs operate and communicate. I had huge help from a trainer with my fearful abused rescue. He gave me hope and reassurance when at my lowest point and showed me the way through the minefield that was...
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    I could burst with pride...!!!

    Huge well done to you and your horse. I've been there - took friends horse out on my own fir first time and it's an amazing sense of achievement. Didn't have to deal with all the scary things you encountered though :-)
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    My next equine project horse

    So pleased to catch up on Ted and Alice's adventures. He looks amazing and so grown up ��
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    I love this dog!

    Well done to you both.. Looks like fun..almost :D I've got a GSP who would probably love this ..well apart from the ditches but even then he'd probably be ok as long as the water was filthy or bog. :o
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    Petition for the law to value animals properly

    X signed. And thank you CPT for kicking this off.
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    Really troubled spaniel. I need help!!

    Really don't understand how someone can have a dog and not walk it. Well done for trying to help her. I'm sure they will have a much happier dog on their hands with a few boundaries in place and some manners. She is small for a SS? It does sound like her energy needs an outlet and her brain a...