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    What is Everyone Paying for big Bale Haylage

    Used to pay £37.50 for 4ft bales. Delivery for two bales would be free if on a certain day. Hampshire/ Berkshire border. Only do not buy it now as it's included in livery at current yard.
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    Good riding schools in Reading area

    There is Rycroft or Hall Place although I do not know about prices or how good they are - just know they are localish. Wellington is expensive but I have had lessons there and found them very good.
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    Weekend plans... :D

    Well, dressage sort of went to plan! I stayed on and I remembered the test, that's good right? Surprisingly I'm not too disheartened (although Findus may have been muttered when M decided to take ages to load for home) and am working on an action plan for a better result next time.
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    Weekend plans... :D

    Taking M to dressage tomorrow morning, then riding A and H in the afternoon. No plans yet for Sunday, probably mooching around the school. Might get some poles out depending on the weather
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    preferring mares?

    I've had more mares than geldings over the years, although not by design, just the way things have worked out. 7 mares to 3 geldings, 2 of the mares I really did not click with. In my own experience, I've found my mares have been more likely to say 'why?' or 'nope' when asked to do something...
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    New Years Eve Weekend Plans :D

    Fairly quiet one for me. Going to do some polework/ tiny jumps on Matti and in hand walking with Amber. Working New Years Eve, probably get home at 3am then up early to do horses New Years day. Will be starting Amber's rehab so that is rather exciting. Might also squeeze in a ride or two on...
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    One Breed You Love But Have Never Ridden

    Suffolk Punch Icelandic Iberian
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    Right then! Weekend plans!

    Busy one for me for a change. Took Matti to clinics on both Thursday and today. He was fab, worked really hard and kept his sensible head on! He is one of those horses who really enjoys his work and the more he does the better he is.
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    Weekend plans :D

    Polework clinic for Matti on Sunday. He's not been to a party since February so it might be rather interesting!
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    Hey, just realised it's Thursday! Weekend Plans!!!

    Mare has decided she enjoyed her break from work so wants to extend it by not being quite right under saddle so I'm getting that investigated. Meanwhile gelding is now being prepped for a pole work clinic next week, I have the feeling I'm going to get launched over poles in his excitement!
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    small humans- what size is your horse?

    I'm around 5'3" and have a 14hh Welsh D, 15.1 TB and 15.3 TB x ID. I feel and look fine on all of them, but it feels a very long way down from the 15.3! Only thing with my Welsh is that she is like sitting on a pogo stick in comparison to my other two as she is rather short coupled!
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    Weekend plans

    Jumping clinic on Sunday - we haven't done much recently so will be having a pop over a few tomorrow in preparation.
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    Weekend plans

    Good luck to all competing. Quiet one for me again, but then get quite busy for the next few weekends. Will be doing a mixture of lunging, flatwork, polework and jumping.
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    Grand National - yay or nay?

    The Grand National is probably one of the most watched races, so any deaths are going to be seen and reported by more people. Horses die in other races/ competitions/ on the road/ in the field but most people are not aware of them because it's not reported. I am probably wrong, but I am not...