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    Best fly mask for vision

    Oh no, I’ve ordered a large, he seems to be a ‘small full’ size in most things so fingers crossed it will fit ok! If not I may have to just keep covering him in fly gel. Unfortunately I can’t find a fly repellent that lasts all day!
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    Best fly mask for vision

    Thanks everyone, I’ve ordered him a le mieux one, they look fairly see through. Hopefully he won’t find it too offensive!
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    Best fly mask for vision

    Hi everyone, I’ve just brought home a new horse, he’s an ex racer and has obviously never encountered fly spray or fly masks! The flies are horrendous atm and I feel he’d be more comfortable in a mask during the day, they were walking into his eyeballs this morning! He does have a cataract in...
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    This weather!

    Wet cold and windy here - I spent most of the morning putting up insulation in new stable’s roof to make the rain noise quieter (tin roof!) Pleased to say it’s worked and he was very happy to come in and tuck into some hay - he was twirling round in there and making a terrible mess when it...
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    Wheelbarrow heaven

    My dad fished my wheel barrow (a nice burgundy plastic one) out of the canal about 15 years ago 😂 It’s had several new tyres and is still in use!
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    Bath before clipping

    I use extra coarse blades on my cob for the first clip - clippers whizz through the coat, no problems with overheating or coat pulling. If horse is very dirty/greasy but it’s too cold to do a full bath it might be worth bathing from behind saddle backwards as top of bum seems to be the worst...
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    Anybody else's horses gone crackers?

    My normally very lazy cob is pleasantly forward atm 😂 Long may it last!
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    How to stop "lady bits" getting sore when riding

    I’ve never had this problem after 20 years of riding on lots of different saddles but I have 2 friends at the yard who seem to suffer in any saddle! Has anyone tried the new acavallo seat savers with a cut out for your ‘bits’?
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    Is it springtime?

    Yes mine has huge grass glands and is full of energy but too looky to actually go forward and use it! (He’s usually pretty bombproof) 😂 Going arena eventing tomorrow, should be interesting.
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    Best turnout rugs for a cob with big shoulders/chest and bum

    Yes standard fit - their heavy horse rugs start at 6’9 and mine takes a 6’6 unfortunately so can’t comment on the heavy horse fit. I definitely would have tried one if they made the heavy horse cut in a smaller size!
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    Best turnout rugs for a cob with big shoulders/chest and bum

    Derby House rugs are the only ones that fit my wide cob, the above suggestions were all far to tight on him 😩
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    Waterproof fly rug for cob

    I have a derby house one for my wide/deep chested cob and it fits him well
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    Sun cream for the horse

    Definitely filtabac!
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    Libra treeless saddles still around?

    It’s a real shame they’re not going any more, they were a great budget brand. Especially their bareback pads! I’ve sent you a pm, I have one I’m not using.
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    The itchiness of lice...

    I used diatomaceous earth on my old tb which seems to have done the trick, he was pulling his hair out he was so itchy! I haven’t seen him itch since a couple of days after treatment. It seems effective on cob’s feather mites as well.