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    Encouraging horse to stand nicely on trailer

    Mine only has his hind feet hobbled, he is free to move still but just cant get his legs up high enough to start kicking. Never had any issues when having to brake hard. They can still stand with their legs wide to get their balance - they aren't tied together so they cant move!! Like I said...
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    Weekend plans

    I haven't been on here for years (!) but did pop on today for a quick look - I cant believe the 'weekend plans' threads are still going! Im teaching all morning tomorrow, then meeting with a feed company. Sunday I am judging all day. Will be riding my horses plus others over the weekend too.
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    Encouraging horse to stand nicely on trailer

    Everything else aside - I hobble my horse behind to travel. He's not stressed about travelling and doesnt kick all the time or panic etc, but on the way home from a show he gets impatient and will start kicking the crap out of the lorry. So badly once that he broke he's pedal bone, he has...
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    Who ever thought up N37

    It's a really nice test, rides fluently and the movements set themselves up :)
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    Welcome to HHO Towing Clinic

    Thank you :)
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    Welcome to HHO Towing Clinic

    Hi ROG I have a question re towing - I know you used to be able to have someone sat with you whilst you towed if you didn't have your B+E as long as they could legally drive a trailer. I have heard the rule is now changed and person sat with you must have had their B+E for 3 or more...
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    How does the Judge know ?

    I always have tack checks at Area festivals, regionals and nationals. To be honest there is no point competing in a bit that isn't BD legal as when you do get tack checked or go somewhere that is doing a tack check (regionals etc) then horse will need to be going well in the 'legal' bit anyway
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    Service Charges- bringing in

    I charge £3 for turnout or catch in - that includes feeding, picking out feet, rug changing, washing and towel drying legs and putting on/off any stable wraps/boots Sorry just realised you said just for a catch in with no rug change etc, would charge £1/£1.50 depending on how far away the...
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    Micklem Bridle

    I use one on my rising 6yr old, he really loves it. He's not keen on drops or flashes but he's fine in the micklem. Doesn't need to be done up tight it just helps to stabilise the bridle. I've not had a problem with leather quality either, mine is really nice soft supple leather and I only...
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    Ice Vibe versus Cold Water Boots?

    I have both as well! I'm not an eventer but my dressage horses have their legs iced and cold booted a few times a week. One of them is recovering from check ligament injury and she has the ice vibes on every time after I've ridden. Both are really good but if you have the money id get the...
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    Heated Insoles

    They have a little battery pack that goes on your leg - I've tried them and they do warm up nicely but doubt battery pack would fit round my leg inside a boot/Welly hence not used them yet
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    Heated Insoles

    I've got some never used them - they are quite bulky and don't think they would fit in my Wellies. Bought them for teaching in.
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    Dressage judging

    In defence of judges - I'm a trainee, all judges and trainees have to go to a certain amount of judge training sessions and judge seminars a year to retain their list/status. Judging is volunteer with often not enough money to cover fuel let alone time etc. I think people should be a little...
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    Jin or Sprenger stirrups...

    I got the Jin flexi ones for Christmas - fab v pleased with them :)
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    Anyone know of any dressage instructor, Hampshire area

    Hi - I teach in your area (I'm based in Salisbury and travel all around) website is there is a contact link on my website. I teach everyone from beginner to advanced and I'm also a trainee judge and compete regularly myself. I do school for people as well and can...