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    How much hay/haylage do you actually feed?

    Now that the grass is dropping off my 16.3 TB gets 2 x bucket feeds a day of un-molassed chaff ( 3 sccops p/feed) 1/2 scoops nuts , speedi beet and a mineral supplement and in the evening he gets 10lb high fibre haylage as well. My 15.1 TB cross just gets 2 bucket feeds a day of un-molassed...
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    Failed vetting - what would you do?

    if he's what your mum wants and is not too expensive I would go for it. At his age his he bound to have some small issues. It may mean he might need a but a day every now and again but older horses do have their uses. If your mum doesn't buy him somebody else probably will. It's always a gamble.
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    Just A Racehorse Name Quiz... :)

    Ive got one. Albeit he is retired from racing now but he is named after a famous old steam train. Stockton Flyer........I quite like it :-)
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    Thoughts- un-straight foot!

    Oh if we were all perfect! I dont know if you have noticed but Valegro is slightly conformationally challanged in front. IMO there is no guarantee and you have to make your own mind up. Take into account age, current level of fitness and any previous problems with said foot and then go from...
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    Extremely annoying habit.

    I like the rubber matting idea. Might give that a try. Thanks everyone for your tips and advice :-)
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    Extremely annoying habit.

    My horse absolutely loves his food. So much so that I,ve nick named him Mr Dyson as he will hoover up almost anything you put under his nose. However, he has the very annoying and frustrating habit of either flipping his bucket or rooting around in his food like a pig does and chucking it over...
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    Horses that won't hack - WB trait?

    A majority of imported warmbloods have rarely done anthing other than go from their stable to an arena an back again. Hacking and turnout doesn't seem to be high on the agenda in foreign yards. My imported dutch warmblood mare was not a good hack on her own, allthough funnily enough not a...
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    Livery in Bedfordshire

    Is Backnoe End at Thurleigh any good? It is a riding school but they do take liveries as well.
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    Recommend me a 200g + turnout rug with detachable neck!

    Any of the Horseware range especially Rambo's and Amigos. They go on forever and fit well.
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    Wow - how would you repair that!!

    I totally agree with you!
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    For those pulling trailers with Landrover Discos

    How old is your Disco? Mine is a 2001 and does the job just fine with a HB510 and horse, allthough I do have to toe it a bit before the start of a hill but it never overheats or cuts out or anything like that. Maybe yours needs a bit of an overhaul.
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    Feeling Awful- Horse PTS today

    Sorry to hear about your horse but for whatever reason you have decided to have him PTS it is obviously the best one for him. Be strong and remember the good times you've had. (((((((( hugs)))))))
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    Bought breeches - so are these right for me?

    Are they comfortable and roomy enough for the errrm..... (shhh tackle, if you get my drift ;-) but have to agree with the other ladies on here...........lookin goooooood
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    Why won't he lose weight?

    Well I wouldn't say he was grossly overweight at all. He's a small native pony that nature designed to pile on the pounds during the summer months to see them through the winter lol From the sounds of it you are doing everything right. Maybe take him off the grass all together and give him...
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    Does anyone use Biotin as a supplement?

    I agree. Heard good things about a supplement called Pro Hoof.