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    Your accounts of 'why the hell did I do that' falls!

    Demonstrating to a group of 12 yr old schoolboys how to jump on bareback. Though it was a clever idea to chose a smallish, narrow pony to ensure I accomplished this gracefully and didn't end up stuck half on half off, put some extra spring in my leap, went up and straight over the other side...
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    Dramatic hack!

    We used to regularly encounter swans, going round the edge of a lake in a country park. Always on the way home so we had no choice but to go past. Many shut your eyes, hang on to a bit of mane and kick moments happened, specially when they had cygnets, but once they would NOT get off the path so...
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    The x ray following my 'something of nothing' fall.

    Wow! Poor you. Any idea how long before you can weight bear?
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    Do I really have to go back to that place again?

    The short answer is no, you don't have to go. And you don't have to make any future appointments, its your life, your mind and if you don't feel it would be beneficial then don't go.
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    The Dizzy Blonde - Rest in Peace my Beautiful Girl

    Sorry for your loss, knowing it was the right time doesn't make it any easier. Look after yourself xx
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    ***Daughter and Dolly - update - it's been two and a half years!!!!***

    I love your updates and how much has daughter grown?? That old pic of Dolly, she looks like she has you all sussed but the more recent pics her expression is completely different, they are a team now. Just lovely to see. And as for you, how about some hacking with the pair of them? No...
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    Has anyone on here done an Open University Degree?

    I am one course away fom honours now, it's taken 6 yrs working full time and some courses are easier than others in terms of commitment levels and the amount of required reading. I am quite fed up with it now and admit o doing the bare minimum just to get it over with. Being an impoverished...
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    what to do in the new forest?

    Some good places to visit Burley, quaint village with donkeys, ponies, pubs and witches. Lots of good walks. High Corner Inn, old pub down a battered track in the middle of nowhere. Hitching rail for horses. Also to be found at the White Buck near Burley, superb food. Lymington, nice old town...
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    Nommed pony fights back!

    What happened to the snaffle? Did I miss an update?
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    Never be around horses WITHOUT suitable footwear on... ***GRAPHIC***

    :cool: Nothing by the looks of it!!
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    Show me where you hack - Is mine the best in the world?!

    When I lived in Hong Kong, we hacked out all,over the place, though tiny Chinese villages and paddy fields, over huge mountains up to the catchments (huge open concrete drains) which we galloped alongside, into the no mans land near the border anda best of all up to hidden rock pools where we...
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    Show me where you hack - Is mine the best in the world?!

    millreef it looks fab - do you get to hack out in Hong Kong?
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    Riding hat in hand luggage?

    Yes you can, it will fit in easily to hand luggage. Have taken mine on Ryanair and Easyjet in my hand luggage. Made the mistake of putting it in my hold baggage on the way home, along with my chaps and joddie boots and EJ managed to lose it!!! The only time EVER that I have had a bag go...
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    Just being nosey.. what level rider do you think you are?

    If we accept that horses continue to teach us and that we never know it all ...... doesn't that make us ALL novices in a way, just at different levels?