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    This video is very difficult to watch....

    But these people over in Egypt helping are making a difference
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    Never seen a Shetland travel this way before !!! Video
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    Laura Collett Tweseldown today

    I was at Tweseldown today working and I saw her fall, all I will say is the medic's were very quick to attend to Laura and wishing her a speedy recovery
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    Fixed peak hats for XC

    I know when I tried the new HS1 hat with a peak at badders, the gatehouse rep said that the peak eill shatter on impact,
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    Polo Lessons in the SE?

    Sandhurst use to give polo lessons
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    Those that have a gatehouse conquest..

    I also had a conquest fitted at badders, at the Gatehouse trade stand but I did'nt like the way the hat sat on my head, so going to get another HS1 and try another hat make :) and I found that the hat peak would break/crack very easy
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    Livery in Pirbright/Worplesdon/Bisley/Brookwood/West End etc

    Have sent you a message :)
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    Online shopping help...where to buy?

    Have you looked on the Oldencraig tack shop web site!!! 10% off everything :)
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    Cooling down legs after XC

    I personally wouldn't use iced bags and leave on for any amount of time as this can cause "ice burns". I would hose with cooled water or sponge off repeatedly. Their is plenty of B.E legal leg cooling gels on the market now.
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    How does this sound for a foaling kit?

    Let the vet take a look at the placenta as their maybe a tear !!! And he/she may that it away for you ;)
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    They are back, have yours arrived yet ?

    Yep, came back to nest yesterday in the barn and already s*** all over the place.... nuce to see them tho :)
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    Milk Testing Strips.......

    De-ionised Worked fine for me ;) brought from home base
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    Turning out?

    I left my mare out 27/7 and the last 3 weeks I brought her in at nights. I think its very good for them to exercise as much as possible and have a munch on the grass. Then after foaling she snd foal was out in the afternoon.
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    Finally after 352 days, he has arrived

    Beautiful foal :)
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    How many days?

    342 :) with help from the milk test ;)