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    Woman gets 20 yr ban

    She's had a third pts
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    Coventry - Brandon Woods

    Hi... I'm being nosey... Is this the yard off the round about by the Elms? We have recently moved house onto the Coventry Road still in Birmingham but looking for yards Cov way now as getting to the yard in Wythall actually takes longer than driving into Coventry!
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    Millie/milly liver and white ESS rehomed

    Hi, as it's coming up to Xmas I thought I'd just pop back and see if the lady I rehomed Millie from was still here just to let her know that she is still going strong and is still a ruddy loon
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    Beoley equestrian centre

    I went there with my daughter and she enjoyed it. Also does Pony Club for kids with no ponies so they don't miss out. Staff are really nice too. I'm planning to go there when I decide the time is right to get back on board.
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    Hiya, Can't suggest a yard but I've just moved from acocks green to Yardley and if you are ever stuck for transport in an emergency to get to yard let me know!
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    LandS Eventing - Offchurch Bury - We got a frilly!!!

    Ah-your homebred! They hadn't put the prefix on the sheet :/ Another one who had eye catching colours on!
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    Successful ODE - targets met, smiles and injuries

    Well Done! I was on the Start Box and remember these colours well!! I'm pretty sure you flew through the finish still grinning!
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    Very proud of daughter- how best to pts v nervy pony?

    Go for the injection. We had a pony pts under similar circumstances. He was sold to as a childs dream...hmm 11.2 of pure danger, fear, anger and unpredictable but only under saddle. In the stable he was a gem but only with her and as she was only 6 at the time I felt it was too risky. I'm...
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    Badminton thread!

    It was not a great day :( It was hit and miss walking the course to see if a horse actually came past! The ground was bad, it was spongy and strangely 'clumpy'??? By the time I finished walking the course I was 4" taller. The wind was awful and the breaks in coverage were from the sat vans...
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    Experienced Pony Parents...

    I'll offer help too.. Think I've had every disaster possible-the stolen, the not so first pony, the saint...
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    Welsh Section D pedigree

    Love this thread! I've had a Pentrpiod and a Rumbush in the past. The Pentrpiod turned out to be a cracking jumping pony.
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    What is wrong with people.... especially those on facebook!

    On my FB page I did actually make a plea for a couple of rugs..... A couple of youngsters had been dumped in a field and police had given the owners 14 days to remove them before land owner could remove them. Land owner wanted nothing to do with them and due to their age and that fact that with...
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    TRACE- help me find Annie- sold to birmingham

    I'm in the Birmingham area, any more clues as to possible names? What was the name of the other horse?
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    Shwmae horse products

    Sorry if this has already been posted I've not read through all 101... Maybe someone should contact the paper??
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    We Lost an Oldie yesterday

    Sadly yesterday the sanctuary had to say goodbye to its eldest resident Min. At 35 she let the manager know she had had enough and lay down and wouldn't get up. A vet was called and it was agreed that Min wanted to go surrounded by love, warmth, compassion and people who she genuine tears of...